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What I'm Watching on #Netflix

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This week's picks from Netflix Instant Watch:

TV Show:
Saved by the Bell. I spent my entire junior high years parked in front of the TV on Saturday morning to watch this show. Viewing it as an adult is even better. I can truly recognize it's brilliance. They way they position the archetypes: Zack, Mr. Popular; A.C. Slater, The Jock; Kelly, The Beauty; Lisa, The Fashion Plate/Gossip; Jessie, The Brain; and Screech, the Lovable Nerd and the teen issues they tackled were really groundbreaking. The show stayed fresh, even when some of the cast returned as 5th year seniors, I kept watching.

Being Elmo.I recently listened to a NPR interview with Elmo creator/puppeteer Kevin Clash and was captivated by his story. I immediately searched my Netflix library for his documentary film and was thrilled that it was available. This heartwarming movie retraces Kevin's journey from a 10-year-old boy in suburban Baltimore who decides he wants to be a professional puppeteer to working with his idol Jim Henson to his fateful union with Elmo.


Quiana said...

LOVED Being Elmo! We watched on recommendation of my grandmother and Nia shrieked with delight at the opening. DH was nervous it would ruin the surprise of Elmo for her, but it didn't! I watched it again a week later when my parents were visiting us. I think I want to own it! The message of supporting your child's dreams was my key takeaway from it.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love SBTB!! Who doesn't love Elmo!!!

Maureensk said...

Okay, you better have written this ahead of time and had it automatically post! 'Cuz posting the day after giving birth is just not allowed, except to share baby pictures and stories of course, which is ind of required. Being Elmo sounds fascinating! I was a young adult before I ever heard of Saved By the Bell and refuse to admit to having ever, ummm, watched, ummmm, and episode...yea, that's it! I never watched it, just heard of it, yeah! BTW, I think I heard that Screech was in a porn movie later. Yep, he was, you can hear an interview about it here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12c6zGBHwE8 .

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