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[Guest Post] How Does She Do It?!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

These guest bloggers were gracious enough to share their thoughts on the Motherhood Juggling Act while I'm on a babymoon. Please support them by leaving some thoughtful comments and visiting their sites.  

How Does She Do It?!
by Lee-Ann Lawrence

Saying No!
It never fails that you are super busy with life in general and people ask for more of your time. Learning to say no is huge. Do I always have to say no?  Nope, but it's definitely needed sometimes. If you can't say no try to compromise, "I can't help you out right now but how about next week Wednesday?" Learning how to say no and compromising are huge.

My iPhone is my best friend. My entire life is scheduled in it from activities for the kids, meetings with clients, and my work schedule. I try to keep up a month in advance so that I'm aware of what is going on, what is a conflict, and where everyone will be. I try to send my schedule to the sitter a month in advance and volunteering in the classroom? I book a couple of weeks in advance. I also try to keep up with my live-in man friend's schedule because he works weird hours, just like I do.

Letting Things Go
My house, well, it is a disaster most of the time. I should feel guilty right? Well truthfully I don't most of the time. I mostly do the bare minimum and if we have company coming that was scheduled well they'll get a glimpse of the rare moment when my house is totally picked up. So things like a clean bathroom, clean clothes, and a clean kitchen are done the majority of the time. Trying to walk through my kids bedroom? Well you better hope you gave us at least a month of prep time! I learned with little kids and a busy life to just let things go and this is one of the areas in which I do. I'm also not against fast food, doing homework in the car or maybe even one day paying people to do things for me that I could probably do myself but it is worth the time I'll save.  

Having a Back up Plan
With a life as crazy as mine I need a back up plan because you know in the midst of one of the busiest weeks that someone will get lice or spike a 104 degree fever! I have 3 teenage babysitters, my regular babysitter, a live-in man friend who can sometimes be flexible with his work time, and a couple of neighbors I can use in a pinch. I also have great personal leave and vacation time at work if  needed and a staff team who will fill in if I need it. All these people are in town, I have some more back up further away if I'm really stuck but usually the first line of defense is good enough. So if you haven't already, get your back up plan ready.  

Take Time for Me or We! 
This is a huge one. My life is in a constant state of chaos but every once in a while I slip away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet by myself or with a friend. My favorites? Seeing a movie alone, dinner with a friend, or heading to the mall to shop. Also sometimes it is nice to do a 1-1 outing with my live-in man friend or one of my kids. Recharging yourself or your personal relationships are so important. Slowing down to enjoy life around you makes all the chaos worth it. So apparently this is how I get through my crazy life on a daily basis. Saying no, cutting corners, using technology, believing in a village, and taking some me or we time.  Tell me how you do the working mama juggle?!

Her life is crazy, hence the title of her blog, Lee-Ann's Crazy Life! She has three beautiful babies, works full-time, just started her own doula business, and attempts to keep stress to a minimum. Want to know how she does it? So do I!


Maureensk said...

I agree, iPhones are a woman's best friend! I can't believe you blog in addition to everything else!

Lee-Ann said...

LOL Thanks Maureen! If you haven't noticed my blog is not updated right now. LOL

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