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Rockin' The Baby Bump: Planet Earth Essential Oils Hydrating Belly Oil Review

Monday, October 31, 2011

Stretch marks. 

These two words have evoked dread in the minds of pregnant women for centuries. But all is not hopeless. You can diminish and even prevent stretch marks with the use of an effective moisturizing product with skin nourishing ingredients. 

With my last pregnancy I used the oft-recommended cocoa butter brand. I still got a significant amount of stretch marks. This time I am not taking any chances. Planet Earth Essential Oils came to my rescue with the Organic Hydrating Belly Oil.

Hydrating Pregnant Belly Oil ReviewProduct description from website: "It provides natural skin repairing and nourishing oils of Avocado, Jojoba, Rosehip, and Sweet Almond oil that soothe and moisturized the stretching skin over your belly. For added healing properties we blend essential oils of Jasmine and Mandarin which works to minimize stretch marks, reduce itchiness, while giving off a wonderful floral scent.Unlike many aromatherapy products, Planet Earth Essential Oils Hydrating Pregnant Belly Balm is safe to use while pregnant."

I used the oil as directed, after I showered and before bedtime. I immediately felt relief from the itchy dryness and felt less tightness in my belly skin. Maybe it's because the oil is absorbed faster than a lotion, bream, or butter which can be too thick to pass through the pores of the skin. I also find the scent very soothing. Whatever the science behind the effectiveness of this product, I am sold! I look forward to a stretch-mark free pregnancy thanks to Planet Earth Essential Oils Organic Hydrating Belly Oil. Plus, it's formulated by a Mother who is Certified in Aromatherapy, so I know I can trust it.

Planet Earth Essential Oils makes other products for mommy and baby, in addition to an entire bath and body care line, aromatherapy items, and perfumes! I gave Marlie's Sunday School teacher the Jasmine Cocoa Perfume Balm as a gift. She loved it!

Buy It: Organic Hydrating Belly Oil retails for $21. Organic Perfume Balms retail for $25 and all perfume orders ship free in the US. 

Win It: Planet Earth Essential Oils is giving one Marlie and Me a bottle of
Organic Hydrating Belly Oil. You can win this amazing prize during the 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz Hop Nov 1-25. Be sure to come back and enter!


Puppies vs. Babies: Clash of the Cutest!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's time to settle one of history's most heated arguments. Which is cuter...a puppy or a baby?

There are some similarities between babies and puppies. Both need lots of love and attention, both need chew toys when they are teething, both need to be potty trained, and both are cute. But in my opinion there is no contest when it comes to which is cuter. Any puppy, no matter how cuddly, comes a distant second to my beautiful child. My baby girl gives me the best hugs, plus she doesn't have doggy breath!

You may have your own opinion, so let us settle this the way democratic societies do, by voting for our choice! PvB-CuteDar-Green-300x250-Backup.jpgThe Puppies vs. Babies Ultimate Showdown will put an end to the debate. Visit the Puppies vs. Babies online contest page hosted by Animal Planet to view some photos of cuddly fur babies and adorable tots then vote for your favorites now through November 23. The winning puppy or baby will win $5,000. Don't let your candidate lose this contest, vote today!

Who do you think is cuter? Leave me a comment with who you plan to vote for.

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Rockin' The Baby Bump: MyBabyClothes.com Review

MyBabyClothes.com logoI think when most women find out that they are pregnant, one of the first things they do is shop for baby clothes. It's like when you got engaged and you immediately started looking for a wedding dress. Am I right?

I love to dress my daughter in the most stylish and unique outfits, but I don't want to go broke. MyBabyClothes.com (formerly My Baby Clothes Boutique) is my go-to for affordable, designer kiddie duds from baby headbands to tutus. My first order was a dress for Marlie's first birthday party. Since then I have bought other dresses, bathing suits, hair accessories, and shoes. All worn to much applause!

I am thrilled have the opportunity to do another review for MyBabyClothes.com. I chose this adorable Bonnie Jean Corduroy Flowered Jumperset for Marlie. She wore it to a birthday party on Saturday and received so many compliments. Someone even asked me if it was custom-made. That speaks to the high quality of the merchandise that MyBabyClothes.com carries.

Bonnie Jean Corduroy Flowered Jumperset Bonnie Jean Corduroy Flowered Jumperset  Review

Now that I am expecting my second child in April, you can bet that I am getting the take home outfit from MyBabyClothes.com. Will it be the boy or girl layette set? You have to wait to find out! Look at the cute, little booties and baby hats! Be careful! Shopping at MyBabyClothes.com will give you baby fever!

newborn baby boy sleep sack set newborn baby girl sleep sack set

Buy It: Bonnie Jean Corduroy Flowered Jumperset retails for $22.99. Baby Aspen "Welcome Home Baby!" 3-piece Layette Set in Keepsake Gift Box is $25.00. Right now you get free shipping on everything!

Win It: MyBabyClothes.com is giving one Marlie and Me reader a $25 gift certificate. You can win this amazing prize during the 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz Hop Nov 1-25. Be sure to come back and enter!


Toddler Log: 2 Years and 11 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Someone has been waking up at 5 am every.day.this.week.


In all seriousness, Marlie always starts the early wake up call whenever daylight savings approaches. Something about the time change throws off her internal clock. This too shall pass.

In fun news. Marlie is obsessed with names, mainly hers. She will ask me quadrabillionteen times a day, "what's my name?" She also likes to talk about her friends at school by name. She is also into pointing out "people" and "boys" but I haven't heard her say "girl."

Our jack o' lantern did not survive to see Halloween. It started to decompose mid week and had liquified on our porch by Friday. It was gross. Marlie enjoyed dressing up as Batgirl, she especially loved the cape. She was the toast of her daddy's office Kids Halloween party. Pictures on Wednesday. 

Marlie has been asking for a plant of her own to water so I took her to a nursery and we picked out a nice baby succulent. When we got home she wanted to water it...sure, give it a little drink. Then she wanted to put it outside...sure, give it a little sun. I explained that it was an indoor plant and needed to come inside. She wanted it to stay outside. After much haggling back and forth, I picked her and the plant up and placed them inside. Her response? To throw the plant on the floor, damaging it beyond rescue. I was done. Damon had a better idea to get her a plant kit. I didn't want anymore plant blood on my hands so I watched them them transfer soil to a little pot, plant the seeds and water. For two days, things were great. She loved watering her pot in the mornings. On day 3, another plant murder. She knocked the pot of the window sill and it died on the floor. She's a serial plant killer.

This week, we had a conversation about investing in the companies that produce the goods that Marlie consumes the most: 
  • Johnson's & Johnson's: because she goes through Band-Aids like toilet paper.
  • Rice: because this girl eats rice like it's going extinct
  • Produce farms: I watched her eat a whole head of cauliflower. I don't think she's met a fruit or vegetable she didn't like.

Rockin' The Baby Bump: Kiki's Fashions Maternity Clothes Review

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maternity clothes have come a long way from the tents and mumus I saw my mom wearing in photos. But not all pregnant women can afford today's fashion forward trends ($140 for jeans that I will wear for only nine months?! Who am I? J.Lo?).

I was worried that I was going to have to live my entire pregnancy in sweatpants and my husband's old t-shirts until I came across Kiki's Fashions...home of cheap maternity clothes. Nothing is over $30 (not even the jeans)!

I picked this cute, long sleeve number to review. In addition to being affordable and stylish, the shirt is made with really comfortable stretchy material, so my bump has room to grow. Notice the pockets...I really like those! I can't wait to rock this shirt out this weekend!

Kikis Fashions Long Sleeve Maternity Shirt Review

Buy It:
The Pink/Purple Long Sleeve Maternity Shirt retails for $24.99 at kikisfashions.com. They are having a pre-fall sale 25% off store wide plus free shipping on US orders over $75 with coupon code FALL47 at checkout

Win It: Kiki's Fashions is giving one Marlie and Me reader a $25 gift certificate. You can win this amazing prize during the 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz Hop Nov 1-25. Be sure to come back and enter!


Rockin' The Baby Bump: clickR Skin Care Review

Monday, October 24, 2011

clickR Skin Care LogoI have acne-prone skin and these pregnancy hormones have done a dance number on my face. It's like being sent to puberty jail all over again. Every expectant mom deserve that pregnancy glow, not zits! However many of popular skin care products on the market contain harmful chemicals and toxins that are not advised for use by pregnant women. But thanks to clickR Skin Care pregnant women can achieve flawless, healthy skin safely.

"clickR Skin Care is naturally pure and completely vegan skin care that is strong enough for the toughest breakouts and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin."

I was given the opportunity to test that statement by reviewing clickR's Daily Dermabrasion Wash and Acne Spot Serum. The wash smells like cucumbers and lathers into a happy, tingling sensation all over my face. It is grainy and soothing at the same time, instantly cleaning and calming my irritated skin. The first thing to note about the Acne Spot Serum is its genius packaging, a pen-shaped tube with an applicator brush! It is even more brilliant as a blemish-fighter. I saw fewer pimples each day and had clear skin in a week!

clickr skin care acne spot serum review
The verdict, based on the overwhelming evidence...clickR Skin Care is effective! You should definitely try clickR Skin Care products. They are safe for all skin types.

Buy It:
Daily Dermabrasion Wash $32 and Acne Spot Serum $20. Purchase online at clickrskincare.com and sephora.com. Also available in SEPHORA stores.

Win It: clickR is giving one Marlie and Me reader a Stop-Time Night Cream, an oil-free moisturizer that boosts your natural radiance and elasticity while you snooze and a Magic Eye Cream, a mineral-rich genie in a bottle that relieves eye stress, reduces undereye puffiness, minimizes dark circles, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. You can win these products worth $74 during the 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz Hop Nov 1-25. Be sure to come back and enter!



Toddler Log: 2 Years and 10 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This week was calmer compared to previous weeks. I think instituting quiet/individual play time has helped a lot. So has not giving into every little demand, whine, tantrum. I realize she had been getting away  with a lot because I was feeling guilty about having the energy to play as much with her. For her benefit (and mine) it's best that she learn some independence ('cause mama only has two hands and I won't be killing myself trying to please everybody). She still tries to get her own way and acts out when she doesn't. She has added a new move to her tantrum repertoire. I call it her "rain dance." She stomps her feet around in a circle like she is praying for rain on the prairie. It would be funny if she weren't being a brat. Marlie has had some instances sweetness this week too, like bringing me a pillow while I lay on the couch.

What else? She can now say "open" instead of just "op." This week she asked for "avocado" with her meal. How's that for a budding wordsmith?! She has also taken to saying "my turn" as in "my turn" to watch tv or "my turn" to get a spoonful of ice cream from the carton. Hey. At least I'm sharing the ice cream!

I have been craving foods that I read about on other people's blog. Alexia at Babies and Bacon talked about kale chips so I made kale chips. Christa at I Know How Is Babby Formed talked about lentil soup so I hit her up for the recipe and made lentil soup. At least I'm not making cookies or cakes!

Yesterday, I carved our jack o'latern. Marlie helped me pull out the pumpkin guts and separate the seeds from the pulp. She also ate some of the pulp. This girl has weird taste. I washed and set the seeds aside to roast in the morning.
This week I won a custom made dress from eShakti. I can't wait to send it my measurements. I am getting a red dress to wear in our Christmas photo and to holiday parties!

How was your week?

AmFam Gets Big Laughs in Stand Up for Family Comedy Special

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Doesn't it seem like our generation grew up in a simpler time? A time when the kids in the neighborhood played outside from sun up to sundown? A time when parents (and grandparents) used tough love to raise the children?

American Family Insurance has recaptured some of those experiences in a cool way that is getting big laughs. The Stand Up For Family Special is a series of videos in which some of today's most popular comedians share hilarious tales about their childhoods and family life that we can all relate to. Bill Bellamy jokingly recalls having to be home before the street lights came on or his momma would come looking for him dressed in the most embarrassing outfit (think house slippers, robe, and curlers). My favorite video though has to be Mark Viera's "Old School Grandmother" who would threaten bodily harm if he and his siblings acted up in the grocery store. I have a grandma like that. She did not take well to requests for candy bars or sugary cereals. We knew better that to even ask and watch out if she caught you pouting in the store! While grandma was a little hardcore, I realize now that she was only looking out for our health. I have never had a cavity thanks to her tough love!

You have to head over to the AmFam website and watch these clips with the whole family. You will be ROTFL!

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Safeguard Your Identity

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Internet technology has made our lives easier in so many ways. It has also made it easier for thieves to steal our identities and ruin our good names financially.

So much of our personal information is out there on the web in commerce and social media accounts. Passwords and encrypted websites offer little protection against hackers hell bent on swiping our social security and credit card numbers.

Do you have a plan for what you would do if your identity was stolen? Most of us probably haven't given it much thought. We think it will never happens to us. That's what the 15 million victims of identity theft each year thought. They spend countless hours trying to resolve fraudulent inquiries on their credit reports and clear their names. 

The aftermath of identity theft can have devastating financial and psychological effects. Your credit score will suffer, but so will your family if you are robbed of the means to provide for them. Don't wait for identity thieves to strike. Be proactive. IdentityHawk offers a comprehensive identity theft solution for those looking for identity theft protection.

 IdentityHawk has multiple provisions for identity protection from security to recovery. They will monitor your credit score and scan the web for breaches. They also offer $1 million in identity theft insurance to restore your identity. This is protection you cannot afford to overlook. Don't wait to become a statistic, put up some safeguards.


Wordful Wednesday: Baby Bump Debut Photo

I've been feeling some mommy guilt about chocolate chip not getting the same amount of attention that Marlie got on my blog. Let's not even get into what I am going to do about the name of this blog. Anyway. Here is the first picture of chocolate chip as as a baby bump. I took this after I got home from my 14/15 week check up. Notice my weird angle. That's because I am hiding the dent. Yep. I have a very "innie" belly button that creates a cavern in my otherwise round bump. It will eventually pop out, but meanwhile it looks off. Everything is going swimmingly. Heartbeat is strong (150s) and my blood pressure is excellent. I have to decide on genetic testing and a flu shot by my next visit. I also get a sonogram and have to decide if we want to learn the sex of the baby. Decisions! Decisions! I think we've pretty much decided to wait until the baby is born to find out if we have a daughter or son. If curiosity gets the bets of me, we will keep everyone else in the dark until chocolate chip arrives.

What I'm Watching on #Netflix

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This week's picks from Netflix Instant Watch:

TV Show:
The Walking Dead is an AMC original series based on a graphic novel. Graphic being the operative word. This show about a sheriff deputy who wakes up in from a coma to find himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse is gory, gruesome, and grotesque. It's also a little cliche. The story adds nothing new to the zombie horror culture. To me, it's a mash up of  Legend and Dawn of the Dead. But the acting and cinematography is superb, plus some of it is filmed in my old neighborhood of downtown Atlanta. You can actually see the loft building we we used to live in a few shots. I tuned into the season 2 premiere on Sunday and it did not disappoint.

Kissing Cousins. Amir is the opposite of cupid. He is a professional heart-breaker who gets paid to dump other people's significant others, and he has no love life of his own. He decides to rethink his bachelorhood after receiving disappointing news on his 30th birthday just as his beautiful cousin appears and volunteers to pose as his girlfriend. They almost take the joke too far and Amir is left to wonder if he is overlooking true love right under his nose.

Toddler Log: 2 Years and 9 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Marlie "drive mommy crazy" train continues. She followed up the yogurt incident on Monday by writing on the furniture and walls with a permanent ink pen (thank goodness for nail polish remover) and pouring a bowl of rice onto the couch and grinding the grains into the upholstery. But her coup de grace was waking up after a nap, pooping in her potty pants, removing the pants by herself, tossing the pants out of the crib, then wiping the bit that got on her hand on the wall next to her crib. It is by grace that I am still of sound mind and body and not locked up in an mental institution.

Not only is she on a path of complete mayhem, she is also getting rather clingy. By Friday I was jokingly telling her to get off my jock. Seriously. This girl has become my shadow. I cannot sit for one minute without her needing this or wanting that. I'm changing her name to Constance Interruptus. All joking aside. I am looking into making some quiet time boxes filled with activities she can do independently for at least an hour. I have to get her to entertain herself for a couple of hours each day or I am going to turn into a zombie.

One cute note this week...Marlie has a new catchphrase. I'll say "Marlie, it's bed time" and her reply is "Aw, man!" Or her dad will say, "no more TV" and she'll say "Aw, man!" She even does the arm movement. Her comedic timing is impeccable.

Second cute note this week...I am pretty sure I felt chocolate chip move for the first time. Marlie has laying on my stomach and I think the poor baby was scrambling to get out of the way!

I just started entering some giveaways again after a long hiatus. So far, I've won a $50 Amazon gift card, which we used to buy Marlie a mattress for her new toddler bed. It actually arrived before the bed. I also won a pair of Dapper Snappers which are like suspenders worn around the waist to keep pants up. Marlie needs these! What else? I won a Wii Fit video game, but I don't own a Wii console. I am most excited about the Piggyback Rider I also won so we can take Marlie hiking and not worrying about her feet hurting.

That's my update for the week. How is everyone else doing?

Holiday Hot Toy List: Helpful or Harmful?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Every year the biggest toy retailer publishes a list of the hottest kids toys for the holidays. The media runs with it and sure enough parents start sweating bullets about snagging the newest Elmo sensation for little Carly and Brock.
I've always wondered how long kids stay interested in these toys last after the hype of the holiday shopping season is over, the excitement of opening presents is complete, and the appeal of a shiny new plaything wears off.

Don't get me wrong. I am not anti-toy. I am anti-commercialization and media brainwashing. Who decides which toys are hot? And why do the hottest toys always cost a day's pay? In our slow-recovering economy do we really need toy companies pressuring parents to cough up $75 for a dancing muppet that will wind up at the bottom of the toy box in two weeks?

I long for the times when the holidays were are about spiritual reconnection and family gatherings. Gifts used to be a distant second and they were definitely not overly expensive. Toys were about learning and fun, not the latest fad (that is bound to quickly fade). 

As for me, this holiday season I will be focusing on ways to introduce my daughter to true reason we celebrate. As for the gift shopping, I will be thinking of toys that will teach her something and will have long-lasting appeal like a Melissa and Doug Art Easel. And I will be using a comparison shopper site to find the best deal because money doesn't grow on trees.

The Hilton Hotels of Branson, Missouri is Your Destination for Fall Fun

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you live in the southwestern United States like I do, you might get a pang jealously every time you look at photos of the leaves changing on the east coast. You don't need to have leaf-envy anymore because you can experience the same cool, crisp fall air and beautiful scenery in a short drive to Branson, Missouri!

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains Branson offers attractions for everyone, and your family will love staying at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing. This pet-friendly hotel is located in the heart of Historic Downtown minutes from the shopping, dining and entertainment district and lush golf courses.  They even have condos with full kitchens. For extra fun and thrills for the family, book the Silver Dollar City Package and receive two adult and two children's tickets to the 1880's theme park with your hotel reservation. This special offer expires December 31, so act fast!

If I get a chance to visit Branson I am definitely going to the Titanic Museum which has a replica of the famous ship! Afterward, I would go back to my luxurious hotel room, take a swim in the indoor pool, settle down on my king-sized bed with pillow top mattress for a nap, then walk across the street to  Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel for an early dinner at Level 2 Steakhouse and devour their mouth-watering prime rib. Maybe I can plan a trip up there for Thanksgiving because the holidays in Branson look very festive. The restaurant is making Thanksgiving Brunch with all of the Traditional Thanksgiving trimmings as well as breakfast favorites. For dinner there is “Turkey to Go” a feast big enough to feed a family of four and reasonably priced at $79.95

The more I think about it, the more Branson feels like the perfect family getaway.

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Wordful Wednesday: What Am I Going to Do With Her?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The crime scene: Master Bathroom, Mon. Oct. 10, post-nap. Suspect asked victim for yogurt snack. Victim proceeded to use the bathroom. Suspect enters a few minutes later covered head-to-toe in yogurt. Victim counts to ten, takes this photo for the evidence folder, then cleans up suspect while asking herself what did she do to deserve this?

Toddler Log: 2 Years and 8 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yesterday we celebrated papi's birthday at a fancy Latin restaurant complete with surprise cupcake after dinner. p.s. Don't my boobs look magnificent? Thanks chocolate chip! Marlie behaved during dinner except for a few attempts to run off into the parking lot. 

I'll take that over how she's been acting this week. I got a glimpse into my future as an overwhelmed mother to a toddler and newborn. And I am freaking out! Marlie has made it clear that she is not going to share our attentions and affections with anyone else. Her strategy is to act up from the minute she wakes up to the second she falls asleep so that we are constantly engaged in a power struggle with her. I'll give you an example: Marlie takes a bag of popcorn kernels out of the pantry, rips open the bag and sends tiny kernels all over the living room. That was an extreme example, but it illustrates how quickly she will escalate the misbehavior if she feels that she is not getting enough attention. Some would say that it's just the typical Terrible Twos and she is testing boundaries. I can't help but feel that there is more to it. She knows a baby is on the way and I think she is jealous. A similar situation happened at school when the directors had a baby and Marlie became very upset that she was no longer the center of attention. What is a pregnant mommy (read: tired and hormonal and losing patience quickly) to do? I am not proud that I have been resorting to a lot of yelling lately (again, I am tired, hormonal and losing patience quickly). I try to make sure Marlie is getting the attention she needs, as much as my tired self can muster. We go for walks, read and draw together, watch Nick Jr. together, and eat together. I just don't have the energy to run around and dance for hours like we used to. How do I make her understand that while mommy's body is changing that doesn't mean my love for her has changed? How do I make her understand that mommy can't go-go-go anymore and needs her rest? How do I make her understand that acting out is not acceptable and that the tantrums have to stop?

On the bright side, she is officially potty trained (at home, school is another story). She has been going to the bathroom on her own for pees and poops all week. It's amazing how children can change suddenly. A week ago I would say Marlie was going to be in diapers forever, but a light just flipped on and now she's potty pro. 

What I'm Watching On #Netflix

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This week's picks from Netflix Instant Watch:

TV Show:
Breaking Bad revolves around the mundane life of high school chemistry teacher Walter White who awakens from his sleep-walking existence after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Empowered and emboldened, he hatches a plan to pay for his treatment and provide for his family by cooking crystal meth with a former student. These hapless drug dealers find themselves in increasingly dangerous, and almost comical, situations as they sling their product. I was hooked on this show from the first five minutes of the pilot. 
For Colored Girls is the powerful story of nine black women from Harlem whose lives cross paths in some tragic ways as they struggle with some heavy issues such as domestic violence, husbands on the down-low, date rape, infertility and infidelity. Together they discover the answer to their problems is reclaiming their power.

Tropical Traditions Moisturizing Cream Review + Giveaway

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tropical Traditions Organic Moisturizing CreamI have great news for dry skin sufferers...there is a moisturizing cream that is 100% natural, effective and affordable. I'm talking about Tropical Traditions 100% Pure Moisturizing Cream. It is made with virgin coconut and palm oils that are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E. 

The Organic Moisturizing Cream comes in unscented, lavender, citrus, baby silk, peppermint and arnica. I chose the arnica scent, which smells a little like licorice.I rubbed it all over and it left my skin feeling so silky. Everyone in my house used it, so it only lasted three weeks. Tropical Traditions should make a family-size jar. This stuff is magic!

Buy It: Tropical Traditions Organic Moisturizing Cream retails for $19.50 (now on sale for $12.99-$14.50!)

Win It: Tropical Traditions is giving one Marlie and Me reader an 4 oz. jar of Tropical Traditions 100% Pure Moisturizing Cream (winner's choice of scent)! Thanks Tropical Traditions! Giveaway ends October 11, 2011.

Please Read How to Enter This Giveaway: you must use the Rafflecopter form below to record your entries. Comments left on the blog post for the required or extra entries don't count unless you record it on the Rafflecopter form. Please wait for the form to load, it may take longer to pop up than the rest of the web page. Make sure you have java script enabled and your browser updated. If you encounter an error, refreshing the page usually resolves the problem. If problem persists, please report the issue to Rafflecopter.

Toddler Log: 2 Years and 7 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Doing the potty dance over here! Saturday morning started as a typical day in our home. Marlie was bottom naked, eating oatmeal, and watching Sponge Bob on TV. The parents were going about doing morning chores. After breakfast, we both point Marlie toward the potty. It takes a little prodding, but she pops a squat. We expect the usual pee, but boy were we in for a surprise when she made a big girl poop! You should have seen us jumping around and cheering. We were so proud, but stopped short of having the turd bronzed and mounted (anyone remember the name of the South Park episode where Stan's dad does this very thing?!)

Marlie climbed out of her crib twice this week. I guess in was inevitable, but since she hadn't done it sooner I thought she would always stay put. It is time to buy a big girl bed anyway.

Marlie has taken to performing magic tricks...sort of. She takes a stuffed animal and shoves it into a box or pail and declares, "ta da!" I call it the rabbit trick in reverse.
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