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Review: NanoStyle Jewelry {$50 Giveaway Coming Soon}

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

nano style jewelry logoEvery woman loves bling, and I am no exception. When it comes to jewelry my tastes range from sparkling, fine diamonds to earthy, natural stones like turquoise. NanoStyle Jewelry is the perfect marriage of my tastes. Their onyx jewelry is breathtaking!

I Love You in 120 Languages PendantNanoStyle is an international jeweler renowned for its cutting edge technology in jewelry design. They engrave symbols and messages onto pendants of semi precious stones using nano lasers. "Through these contemporary jewelry collections NanoStyle aspires to connect people of all faiths and forms of spirituality bringing beauty and exquisite expressions of faith to all. Each NanoStyle pendant, inspired by the individuality found in the world’s diverse cultures, faiths and beliefs, is an experience and an art form."

I chose the "I Love You in 120 Languages Pendant" in black onyx for my review. It is engraved in 24 karat gold and set in silver (retail $99). It is truly a uniquely beautiful and elegant piece that I will treasure forever. NanoStyle offers a wide range of stunning pieces starting at $95 so you can dazzle that special lady in your life this Valentine's Day.

I Love You in 120 Languages Pendant Review

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Answers I Seek in 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

It's almost February and I still haven't made any New Year's Resolutions. The truth is I find the whole exercise pointless at this stage of my life. I figure if I'm not already doing something then resolving to take it up now is just a setup for failure. Besides, I have enough on my plate for 2012 with planning a move and delivering a new baby all within the first four month of the year. By the time I reach the halfway point I think I deserve to skate for the rest of the year.

I however, being a naturally curious person and avid researcher, I do plan on getting some answers to these serious and (and sometimes silly) questions that plagued me all of 2011:
  • When there is an Amber Alert for a missing elderly person, why is the car always a Lincoln or Buick? Why don't they runaway in Porsches or Mustangs?
  • Do people whose street address start with 911 feel uncomfortable about the association with September 11th or do they feel extra patriotic?
  • How many signatures would I need on a petition to get The Real Housewives, Mob Wives, Basketball Wives and all other "reality tv" shows that make wives look like shrill shrews cancelled? And while we're at it can we throw those awful "mom" shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms on the bonfire, too?
  • What is behind the nation's collective fascination with planking?
  • Am I the only one who thinks actor Peter Dinklage is hot?
  • Is there a scientific study that explains why men put produce stickers everywhere but in the trash can that is 2 feet away?
  • Whatever happened to that chick nicknamed "New York" from Flavor of Love and I Love New York?
This is going to be me this year...super sleuth!
Has anyone watched this show? I'm waiting for it to be added to Netflix Instant Watch. Image source and synopsis at Jori's Entertainment Journal. 
See I have plenty to keep me busy in 2012! BTW, if you have answers to any of my pressing queries, pleas send them my way! 

Toddler Log: 2 Years and 24 Weeks Old

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This was shaping up to be a lousy week. 

It was rainy and gloomy for several days, which put me in a gloomy mood. But the main reason it was so crappy is that Marlie has been acting "extra" all week...extra defiant, extra temperamental, extra demanding, and extra rude. She fought with me over everything. I was seriously tired and at my wits end by mid-week so I talked to her teacher who gave me a book called, Raising Your Spirited Child.I do not exaggerate when I tell you that the clouds parted and sun rays beamed down on me once I started reading this book. 

It has helped me realize that there is nothing wrong with my child, this is her normal. She is not bad or out-of-control, she is spirited. The book talks about how a spirited child "feels more" and "does more" than the typical child. I can attest to that! All the things that I admire about her like her keen observations are also the things that can frustrate the hell out of me. Do you know what it's like to try and get a spirited child into a car when she stops every two feet to look at a leaf, pick up a rock, or point out the spiderweb along the way?! It can take ten minutes to walk from our front door and get into the car! 

Anyways, I am learning how to work with her unique perspectives and personality traits. This doesn't mean I let her run wild and get away with being disobedient. It means avoiding the things that set her off because she is extra sensitive (like her socks seam not lined up with her toes) and showing her how to channel her spirited qualities (like her bossiness, err, I mean natural leadership skills) in a socially acceptable way. If it sounds like a lot of work, it is! Having a spirited child is like being on-call, but I must say that I am feeling less drained and more at peace since this book has come along. If you have a spirited child, I recommend you pick up a copy!

Preview: EdenFantasys {Giveaway Coming Soon}

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeValentine's Day is rapidly approaching. Are you tired of the same, old dinner-and a-movie routine? Why not try a date night with more sizzle?! It's time to start thinking out of the box. Hop on over to adult shop EdenFantasys and pick out something that will blow his mind!

It case you think that I have become a smut peddler, get your mind out of the gutter! EdenFantasys is not a porn site, but some of the items and pictures might be considered NSFW, so do your shopping from your personal computer.

EdenFantasys offers a large selection of romantic and sensual products that will earn you an A+ chemistry! You are going to look so hot in the sexy lingerie that your bedroom will burst into flames, but then you can both cool off with a shower and the fun bathroom accessories you bought. If you are a little less daring, try setting the mood with some candles followed by a nice massage. Whatever you decide, you can get everything you need for an unforgettable Valentine's Day at EdenFantasys.

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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 23 Weeks Old

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This week I had my first my-kid-embarrassed-me-in-public experience. We were at a take-out place called picking up dinner on Friday evening standing in line to order our rotisserie chicken meal. A teenage boy on metal crutches joined his father who is in line in front of us. Marlie points and loudly says, "look mommy, a robot!" I wanted so badly to make us invisible. Other things my observant toddler said this week: 
  • "Look! Daddy has a tail!"...said while catching a glimpse of her daddy in the shower.
  • "Be careful! Don't get it in your eyes!"...said while I'm peeling an orange. She's wary of citrus juice squirting in my eyes ever since a lemon got her.
  • "Put on your seat belt mommy!"...said while I am backing out of our driveway. I always put it on after I've backed out, but she insists on reminding me.
  • "Don't talk to me like that!"...said in response to be verbally reprimanding her.
What else? She has been spoiled by Netflix and Pandora and YouTube. Now she thinks we can summon whatever tv show or song she wants to watch/listen to anytime and anywhere. This makes car rides tricky. I'll be driving her to school and she'll ask for the "stereo song." What am I a genie?! I explain that I can't just make the song play in the car, we need a computer. Sometimes she accepts my explanation, sometimes she starts throwing a tantrum in the backseat. In that case, I turn up NPR and drive a little faster.

Mommy got some me-time on Saturday. I went to a little art shop and painted pottery for three hours! It was so quiet and relaxing. I really enjoyed it. I made a mental note to make more of an effort to get out and enjoy activities like this more often.

Seeking Sponsors for Marlie and Me Virtual Baby Shower!

Friday, January 20, 2012

When I was pregnant with my first child, I became so overwhelmed by the process of creating a baby gift registry. I did not know which baby products and gear were the best. There were literally hundreds of car seats to choose from! I did read the online customer reviews, but the conflicting testimonies made me more anxious.

I those months leading up to the birth of my daughter and ever since, I have relied heavily on mom blog reviews for information about products for my family. It's a source I have come to trust!

Now that I am expecting my second child this April, I feel better educated about what brands to buy. Some of that confidence comes from the experience of trial and error, but I largely have mom blog reviews to thank. This is a gift I want to share with my readership.

So I am hosting a virtual baby shower for the entire month of March featuring reviews and giveaways of products that with help expecting moms get ready for baby! Please contact me at t_freckleton[at]yahoo[dot]com if you have a product that is right for this campaign (pregnancy, postpartum, or newborn). I will send you my pitch letter right away! I am open, but not limited to:
  • baby clothes/layette
  • cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories
  • nursing items
  • blankets and bedding
  • babywearing gear


Wordful Wednesday: It Goes by in a Blur

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We took Miss Marlie to the park so she could get some practice on her balance bike. Her daddy did all the work. I stood by taking pictures, but at one point I put the camera down and just watched her. Do you sometimes look at your child and try to remember when they were just babies? I feel like mine is growing up way too fast and soon she's going to be taking driving lessons (in my car!).

Rafflecopter Launch Party Giveaway: #Win an iPad2 or Kindle!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

rafflecopter It's no secret that I love Rafflecopter, the contest widget. It has totally transformed the way I manage and enter giveaways. The program has been in beta testing for almost a year, but now the developers have released a new and improved version to the public! 

To celebrate the new year and it's public launch, Rafflecopter is going to give away a 16GB Apple iPad2 and two Kindle Fires. To enter, simply tell Rafflecopter who referred you to this giveaway (say Marlie and Me, please). You can receive additional entries by tweeting about this giveaway, following Rafflecopter on twitter, and giving feedback. In addition, you can suggest a mascot name for another entry. That certainly makes things more fun! 

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New Years Giveaway HopHappy New Year Internet Friends! New Year's is generally an adult holiday what with the resolution-making and midnight-kissing and the alcohol-drinking. But the kiddos can have fun too! Imagine their delight if you win my awesome Toast to 2012 Giveaway Hop family prize package filled with cool stuff they will enjoy!

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  • Lovable Labels Friendship Pack ($24.99 value): Lovable Labels was launched in 2003 by a mom to fill the need for durable, personalized labels to identify our children's belongings. The collections includes Regular and Slimline Stickers, Shoe Labels, Iron-ons and Bag Tags in bright, fun, and colorful designs. Lovable Labels has generously supplied us with a "Friendship Pack" of 120 labels for one lucky winner! Thanks, Lovable Labels! They are also generous supporters of breast cancer research. Read my REVIEW.
  • cooper and me bookCooper and Me and the Winter Adventure book ($12.99 value): Cooper and his doggie pal Bella get lost in a snowstorm and must find their way back home. This book provides a wonderful opportunity to teach children the importance of making good decisions and the gentle lesson of how to be prepared in case they get lost. $1 of every Winter Adventure book sold will go to advance research and treatment of pancreatic cancer via the Lustgarten Foundation. Read my REVIEW.
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    Comment Consideration #2

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    I'm focusing this week's Comment Consideration entirely on this comment from DuPont Representative Sara on my eco-eggs post.
    She writes:
    I applaud the idea of creating a safer home, and because there's so much misinformation out there about PFOA and the Teflon® brand, I'm not surprised that you are concerned. I'm a representative of DuPont though, and hope you'll let me share some information with you and your readers so that everyone can make truly informed decisions.

    Regulatory agencies, consumer groups and health associations all have taken a close look at the Teflon® brand. This article highlights what they found -- the bottom line is that you can use Teflon® non-stick without worry.


    I'd truly be glad to share additional information about it if you are interested, and appreciate your consideration of this comment. Cheers, Sara.
    My reply:
    Please note that I took a week before responding to Sara from DuPont because I wanted my reply to be based on a thorough investigation on my part and not a knee-jerk reaction. When I write parenting posts, my job is to provide facts and that is what I did in the original article about PFOAs in nonstick cookware. I do welcome debate, so I encourage you to read the document she referenced (click Full Screen to read because their is a membership fee to download or print). It is an article by ConsumerReports.org that summarizes lab testing they had done on nonstick cookware. CR found little to almost no PFOAs in the air after using nonstick pans, so they conclude that the pans are safe. I thank Sara for sharing these findings. There are dozens of conflicting studies about PFOAs and nonstick cookware. I found two articles that I felt offered a balanced perspective in examining the pro and cons on this issue. For you  research wonks, I also linked up to the EPA and Environmental Working Group's websites. You can draw your own conclusions. I know my mind is made up...

    Toddler Log: 2 Years and 22 Weeks Old

    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Marlie, who I now refer to as Terror Fabulous (not the reggae dancehall artist), had quite an interesting week. She started off with the bright idea to boycott nap time. Fun for her, frustrating for me. The upside was that she crashed at bedtime, no ploys to delay going to sleep at night. 

    On Thursday morning she woke up and emphatically stated, "I don't feel good. I need medicine." I checked her temperature, felt her tummy for stiffness and got her ready for school. She ate breakfast normally and we headed out the door. She sounded congested when I picked her up and then she fell asleep on the way home. Then she napped for 2 1/2 hours! I kept checking on her because she was breathing hard. I rubbed some eucalyptus ointment under her nostrils while she was still asleep. She immediately started draining mucus when she woke up. Poor thing had a cold. She was fine except for all the snot. She sat on the couch with me for the rest of the day and we watched tv and shared a mango. That evening, I received an alert from her school that strep throat was going around. aack! Marlie has not shown any signs, so I think she's been spared.

    As for chocolate chip...this baby has got the moves like Jagger! The kid dances around so much that it wakes me up at night and I have to go to the potty very often. I take it in stride and just tell myself to enjoy the sensation of feeling him/her move because pretty soon s/he will be out and I will forget this feeling.

    Our weekend was uneventful. We did the usual...shopping for groceries, shopping for household supplies. When did my life get so routine? I am hoping to go on a picnic Monday if the weather cooperates (in my language that means warm temps, at least 60 degrees). I need to check our TV listings or Netflix for Eyes on the Prize. Happy King Holiday!

    Dear Baby X or Y: Why Mommy Doesn't Prefer That You Are a Girl or Boy

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    Dear Chocolate Chip:

    Greetings, my beautiful unborn child! I felt it was time that mommy explain why we decided not to find out if you are a boy or girl ahead of your birthday. It's not that we don't care to know everything about you, it's just that we only care that you are healthy.

    This planet is very hung up on things like gender and other means of classifying people like race, religion, and sexuality. Everywhere you turn some organization or agency wants you to check a hundred boxes identifying yourself as this or that for some bureaucratic purpose. It's all very tiresome, especially if you don't belong to a favorable group. In America, being born a girl means earning 75 cents on the dollar as a woman and having to decided whether to trade in on your feminine wiles to get ahead. It's even worse in some countries where females don't even get to be born or are sent to orphanages if they survive pregnancy. It's hard being a girl in this world.

    But it's not always easier being the opposite sex in our society. If you are a boy you are expected to wear blue and play with trucks and roll around in the mud. My brother recently told me her would never give his son a doll if he asked for one. Rest assured that mommy and daddy are going to do their best to protect you from these "social norms." If you are a boy who wants to sport long hair or a girl who wants to wear polos, your parents will happily accommodate. I'm not the only one who is pushing back against gender identity constraints in case you think your mommy is some renegade, lone-wolf, nonconformist. There is "princess boy" Dyson whose parents let him dress up as female cartoon character for Halloween.Then there is that Canadian couple who refused to reveal their newborn's gender.

    I promise your mommy and daddy won't take it that far. We will proudly present you as our son or daughter after you are born. But what we won't do is wish, hope, or pray one way or the other. After reading this article on gender disappointment, I was even more adamant that your sex remain a secret for the duration of my pregnancy. People are free to predict what you might be (I actually like playing the guessing game with folks) but when people ask me if I have a preference, I say no. I get all sorts of skeptical looks and remarks. Few people seem to think that it's possible for me to feel neutral about your sex. But the honest truth is that you are a win-win baby...boy or girl.

    Monday Morning Parenting: How to make eco-eggs

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    Non-stick cookware made with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is no-good. The chemical PFOA, used to make the coating in non-stick pots and pans like the brand Teflon, has been shown to emit toxic fumes that leech into food during preparation. The EPA even got involved after the science community labeled PFOA a likely carcinogen and recommended a voluntary phaseout program. Every PFOA manufacturer agreed to cease the production of PFOA by 2015. No word on what DuPont will use to replace PFOA.

    I'm not waiting until 2015 to get rid of my chemical-coated, non-stick cookware. Until we can afford a set of eco-cookware like Chantal or Green Pan, I insist that we use only our stainless steel pots and pans. Things can get messy when cooking with stainless steel if you're not careful. Take eggs for instance. No one wants to scrap the egg remnants from a pan after breakfast. So follow these tips for making eco-friendly eggs in a stainless steel pan that won't stick:

    1. When eggs taken directly from the cold refrigerator hit a hot pan, they stick. So bring eggs up to room temperature before cooking them by placing them in a bowl of hot tap water for 5 minutes.

    2. Warm up the pan on medium-low heat before adding oil.

    Now your eggs won't stick! I was going to make a demo video, but my flip camera is full and I was too lazy to go through the video library to make space. So you'll have to take my word on the eggs!

    Toddler Log: 2 Years and 21 Weeks Old

    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Two things I confirmed about my child this week.

    1. She has the gift of gab. I am a talker too so this isn't a shocker. What amazes me sometimes is the way she turns a phrase. She is so articulate. Here are some gems from this week:
    • "I'm hungry. I need ice cream."
    • "What's wrong mommy? you tired?"
    • "I see the moon! Where's my camera? I want to take a picture"
    • "Mommy, where's the remote? I want to watch tv."
    • "Good job, mommy!" (after I've used the toilet)
    • "Don't touch my hair, daddy. That's not nice."
    • "Look, a bug. Don't kill it mommy!"
    2. That last one brings me to conclusion #2. She's a total tomboy...the frogs, and snails, and puppy dog tails kind who likes to climb and jump off everything. She gets that from me too. I give her space to romp while keeping a watchful eye, but I can't help remembering the accident at four-years-old that sent me to the ER to get two dozen stitches to my forehead. Especially when she somersaulted off our bed on Thursday and crash-landed upside down on the floor. I am amazed that we haven't had to take her to the ER yet. I get palpitations just thinking about it. This is what my mother must have felt like seeing me running around wild with reckless abandon.

    Not much is going on my planet. Did I tell you about the dream I had about Tim Tebow? I dreamed that the Broncos won the Super Bowl  and Tebow got on the microphone to announce that he was actually Jesus Christ and has come to bring about the Rapture. He explained that he returned as a football player because Super Bowl has the largest captive audience to get the word out. Strange, huh?!

    What else? I feel like a walrus. At a neighborhood social on Friday, an acquaintance I hadn't seen in months exclaimed that I must be due any day now. That is the second time someone has said that I look ready to deliver. So, I guess I must look like a walrus too. It's great for my self-esteem.

    I won a cool prize this week....a Mommy 'n Me apron set from 5minutesformom.I have been slacking in the giveaways lately because I've had two prizes I won not come through and it just mad me mad that sponsors would offer, get all the web traffic and social media exposure, and then not fulfill their obligation to the winner. I am over it now. I am participating in several cool giveaways hops in the next few weeks. The Toast to 2012 Hop starts on Tuesday. I have an amazing prize package up for grabs that includes: a $10 Target gift card, a Go! Go! Sports Girl Doll, a Lovable Labels Friendship Pack, a copy of the Cooper and Me Winter Adventure book, and a eco t-shirt from S2S Nation. So come back and enter!

      Cooper and Me Book Review

      Thursday, January 5, 2012

      All the child experts agree that reading to your child everyday boosts his educational development. But not all children's books are created equal. I look for several things when I pick out books for my two-year-old: age-appropriateness, phonics, illustrations, and an inspirational message.

      The Cooper and Me series of books meet all my requirements and then some. They are written by a child for children, which is probably one of the reasons my daughter is so taken with them. We have been reading Cooper and Me and Cooper and Me and the Winter Adventure for the past week and she never tires of hearing about Cooper the lovable black Labrador Retriever. In Cooper and Me he helps a little girl overcome her anxiety about the first day of school. In Cooper and Me and the Winter Adventure he and his puppy pal must find their way back home in a snowstorm. Both stories are so endearing and teach important life lessons!

      Cooper and Me Book Review Cooper and Me and the Winter Adventure Book Review

      Reading Cooper and MeMarlie's literary comprehension is advanced for a two-year-old. She prefers we read her books several levels above her age. She really loves the Cooper and Me books and continues to select them for her bedtime stories.

      Check out the Cooper and Me online store and give the gift of reading to a special boy or girl in your life! Also Connect with Copper and Me on these social media: 


      Come back January 10-17 for a chance to win a copy of Cooper and Me and the Winter Adventure in the Toast to 2012 Giveaway Hop! 


      What I'm Watching on #Netflix

      Tuesday, January 3, 2012

      This week's picks from Netflix Instant Watch:

      TV Show:
      Inspector Gadget is my favorite childhood cartoon and now I can relive the hilarity of this clueless secret agent who is a cross between James Bond and Maxwell Smart and has gadgets where his appendages should be. In each episode he manages to foil the evil Dr. Claw thanks to his gutsy niece Penny and her trusty dog Brain. They don't make them this funny anymore!

      Tiny Furniture is an independent movie I have been wanting to see since I heard writer/director Lena Dunham in an interview on NPR In the film, a recent college grad returns home to live with her mother and younger sister to find herself suffering a quarter-life crisis. She is heart-broken, broke, friendless, and doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. She also feels left out of her mother and sister's circle. Dunham does an excellent job of capturing how adrift many of today's twentysomethings feel.

      Lovable Labels Review

      Monday, January 2, 2012

      If you have a child in daycare, school or attending camp then you know how important it is to label all of his/her belongings to prevent items from winding up in the Lost & Found box or accidentally being taken by another child.

      Lovable Labels logoBut why disfigure your child's things with an plain black & white label when you can use oh so cute, colorful, and customizable Lovable Labels?! Lovable Labels were invented my a mompreneur who recognized a need for durable, personalized labels that would withstand the rigors of daily use.

      I received a Friendship Pack with my choice of icon for this review. What I love most about Lovable Labels is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes for a wide range of uses. The Friendship Pack includes 30 regular-size stickers, 80 slimline stickers and 10  fun-shaped stickies, plus you get 40 FREE slimline stickers for a friend all for $24.99! The first thing I did was label Marlie's new balance bike and helmet. I also labeled her coat, jackets, sports bottle and shoes, and the slimline stickers are perfect for book spines!

      Lovable Labels Review
      You have to check out Lovable Labels for all your labeling needs. Connect with Lovable Labels on:


      Come back January 10-17 for a chance to win a Lovable Labels Friendship Pack in the Toast to 2012 Giveaway Hop!


      Toddler Log: 2 Years and 20 Weeks Old

      Sunday, January 1, 2012

      How was your holiday? Mine was fantastically quiet. Just the three of us with chocolate chip kicking and flip flopping to Christmas music. We went to a banquet buffet at one of those fancy hotels for dinner. It was decent, but nothing to write home about. We snuggled on the couch to watch Love Actually, Damon's favorite holiday movie. I bought him the DVD for Christmas. It was definitely more appropriate than the South Park Christmas Special that he let Marlie watch a portion of the night before. Only after she asked why "they were tearing open the rabbit's tummy?" did he realize that it might not be a good idea to let her watch anymore. Where was I? Fast asleep and unaware that my toddler was being exposed to violent imagery. sigh

      I woke up at 7 am on the day after Christmas and drove to the mall to score some deals. I was armed with a $10 off $30 coupon for Sears where I picked up new boots for Marlie (because missy outgrew her other boots sometime in the last 3 weeks) and I also grabbed some maternity clothes that were on sale. I get to checkout and was told that the coupon doesn't apply to footwear or the maternity line. Jimmy Cricket! I left with just the boots because baby girl needs them. Once home, I started dismantling the sorry-looking tree (we went back to Home Depot this year...when will we learn?!). Then I left to have lunch with a friend while Damon and Marlie stayed home for quality father-daughter bonding time, which probably included some kind of sports viewing.

      Marlie has been spending the week playing with her Christmas gifts including a set of Clementine non-toxic, natural art products from grandma. She has been finger painting and making turtles with the modeling clay (and drawing on the floor with her soy crayons). She has been learning to use her balance bike (indoors at first since mom and dad forgot to buy a helmet...don't worry one has since been purchased). She also loves bowling with her Melissa and Doug Monster Bowling set.

      We are also spending the week re-training on the potty. So far so good. Now if I can just get her school to meet us halfway. I have been pushing to send her to school in panties, but her lead teacher has been postponing it. The directors are okay with it, but the lead teacher seems to have the final say. What to do?

      On Thursday, I had a visit to my OB for a sonogram because I was told, while we are free not to want to learn our baby's sex, doctor lady still needs to see that baby has two working lungs, kidneys and the like. So, we obliged. We told the technician upfront that we didn't want to know the sex anatomy. Marlie started to cry when the tech lady put the gel and wand on my belly. I have to say she has been more interested in my baby bump lately. She even talks to the baby and rubs my belly. Tech lady put the picture with the baby's sex written on it in a sealed envelope in case we change our mind. Damon says she slipped and used a pronoun at the end of the session. I didn't hear it though. I have not been tempted to look in that envelope either. I must say that I am glad we got the sonogram. I was awash in love looking at that baby's face. (S)he was making a sucking noise with his/her mouth. The face was the only part of the sono scan I would look at, afraid that I might be able to make out the genitalia on a full body image.

      We wrapped up the week by celebrating New Year's Eve at home, munching on homemade pizza and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve show, me sipping on sparkling white grape and kissing hubby at midnight. Thank God you can't get pregnant when you are pregnant!

      I don't do new year resolutions, but I always have a running to-do list and that's enough to keep me busy all of 2012. Happy New Year Friends!
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