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The Kids' Log April 8-14, 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The husband went back to work on Monday, but my mom flew in on Tuesday night. So, I haven't had to juggle the two kids alone yet. I have to admit I am a bit anxious about it. There will be times I am breastfeeding and Marlie will want a snack or help going to the potty. Right now, I send her to her grandma. I'm spoiled, LOL! My mom has been a huge help. She is so good with both grandkids and with me. I am getting a solid six hours of sleep at night because Mr. Magoo only wakes up once to eat. I was so sleep-deprived with Marlie because she woke up constantly. Babies really are different. I have been working on getting my shape back. My chiropractor made a house call yesterday to fix the kinks in my shoulders that have developed from craning my neck while breastfeeding. I've been wearing my postpartum compression wrap and it's been shrinking the stomach. I have my two-week follow-up at my OB/GYN tomorrow and I plan to ask if I can start walking around the neighborhood.

Toddler Log: 2 Years and 34 Weeks Old
The honeymoon is officially over for this one. The novelty of her little brother has worn off and she wants all the attention back. Her grandma has been loving on her, braiding her hair, singing and reading books to her, but that is not always enough. "I want my mommy!" is a phrase I've heard one too many times this week. She has also been acting out in destructive ways. She ruined all my chapsticks and threw handfuls of rices around her room. She has also been fighting bedtime. Damon took her out Saturday for some one-on-one time. They happened upon an Avengers promotional event at the mall. You know how much she loves her Marvel Comics characters. She got her picture taken with the superheros and souvenirs. She was in a much better mood when she came home.

Baby Log: 2 Weeks Old
Desmond is becoming acclimated to his big sister's dramatics and now sleeps through her noisiness. His features are changing, but he still looks like my brothers. He is still an easy baby except for a couple of nights this week when he was really fussy. I think it was something I ate that disagreed with his stomach. He was back to normal by Friday. We used a pacifier to soothe him to sleep during this rough patch and it just reminded me why I hate those things. Unlike Marlie, he actually took to it but when it fell out he woke up screaming bloody murder. This happened often enough for me to quit offering the pacifier to him. I'd rather he do non-nutritive soothing on my breast because he falls into a deep sleep quicker and is down until his next feeding. Just call me the human pacifier. His umbilical cord finally fell off on Saturday. Thank goodness. We had started him on disposables while we waited for the cord to detach because I wasted money buying the newborn diaper covers for Marlie and her cord fell off in two days and then she outgrew them in a couple of weeks. Not my Mr. Magoo. His cord stayed on for almost two weeks, during which time we spent $30-$40 on disposables. I should have just bought the newborn covers! Damon wants to nickname him Goldmember because of his peeling skin. The thought of my child eating his own skin...Gross. I vetoed that nickname.


jmt said...

I have finally made it over to say WELCOME BABY DESMOND!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read the posts I've missed.

It sounds like you've been getting help, rest, and plenty of baby and big girl antics. Soon enough we'll be sending them to college and wondering....what will we do now?

Lee-Ann said...

LOL Gold Member, that is hilarious and gross at the same time. Sounds like things are going okay, I'm glad you have some help Mama. :)

Maureensk said...

Dear Human Pacifier, errr... I mean Teresha! :-) Yeah, I also played HP for a long time with my Little Miss. I hate pacifiers for the same reason. I'm glad Desmond is such a good sleeper. Little Miss didn't sleep that well until she was two. The difference it makes in our ability to function well is huge! I hope things go well when your mom leaves, I'm glad she is able to help out so much!

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