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Walk & Work With Style Mega Prize Giveaway Event ($1000 in Prizes!)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to the Mega Prize Giveaway
Walk & Work With Style
March 1-18, 2012
Walk and Work with Style giveaway
Sponsored by:
And Hosted by:
The Prizes You will be competing for:
Sony Wi-Fi Camera ~ 2 Winners
Sony wi-fi camera
Kingston Wi-Drive 32GB ~ 2 Winners
Kingston wi-drive
Sports Watches with Rhinestone Bezel ~ 4 Winners
sports watches with rhinestone bezzle
We live in times when comfort and style really matter. That's why we chose to go with the prizes that are very handy for anybody in this busy life. These products will definitely contribute to your work, to your hobby, to your creative projects.
All this is possible with the help of The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research. What is it? It is closer to home than you may think. This non-profit Foundation puts forward all its resources into education and active involvement of people like you and I in the conservation of the Rainforest. It does it with workshops, trips to the Peruvian Amazon, connecting educational institutions with each other, and supporting indiginous people.
Do we really care if the Rainforest vanishes from the face of the Earth? You bet. And you'd better be proactive NOW. If all of the Rainforest goes away, we will be experiencing one of those cataclizms like in a horrific movie.
We want to continue to live, and to blog. And blog happily.
Let's celebrate our connections with each other and with Nature.
Let's Walk & Work With Style, while always caring about the interconnectedness of this Universe.
We would love to Thank All These Great Blogs who came through strongly with their support for this occasion. Our applause to each and every one of you:
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susie said...

I want to win these prize to give to my most deserving hubby howie. He'd be so happy! Me, too!


septembermom said...

A very admirable organization to support. Good luck to everyone!

Andrea Amy said...

I would love to win the sony or the sports watch :) Thank you for the chance!


marybaker112 said...

I would like to win so I can give something back to the friend that helped me through the last year.

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