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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 30 Weeks Old

Sunday, March 11, 2012

This week was a roller coaster. High-highs and low-lows. Very little plateau. Oh, how I love those plateaus. One high point was Marlie's potty progress. We were finally invited to send her to school in panties. Not one accident all week! I am so proud of her! Now the goal is to see if we can make this permanent at home, at school, and out in public. Spring Break is next week and I'm hoping to focus on the potty for the next seven days. The only obstacle? My lack of energy and patience.

This baby growing inside has decided to make his/her presence felt in a painful way. I thought I was going to skate through this whole pregnancy without an ache, but I was wrong. This kid has taken up residence on my left with his/her bony booty jutted out all the time. It hurts. It hurts badly. I have a throbbing, sore spot that feels like a pulled muscle. I'm also tired all the time and just want to lay down all the time, which my very hyperactive 2.5 year old sees as a bad thing because she does everything to get me up off the couch/bed. She also gave me her cold. So I am achy, tired, and stuffy. Daddy was on a business trip for the first half of the week so I had no back-up. I've been snappish with her all week and I feel guilty, but I'm on edge and not feeling well. Something had to give, so we decided after Spring Break she's going to school full-time for the remainder of this semester. That's the rough spots of the week. Nothing too horrible and we made it through.

Other bright spots: I've been working with a naturopathetic doctor to getting ready for my second natural birth. She's awesome. I have three areas to work on: Exercise, Rest, and a Support Team. I am also writing my birth plan. I also had a OB appointment this week (they are weekly now). My cervix is closed and "way back," so no early bird arrival for this baby chick. 

I won two great giveaways during the Spring Fashionista Event. From Mother of Pearl It Is: I scored a Miche Bag bag with 2 interchangeable shells, a $75 gift code to Zutano, a 440 credit to Twin Elegance, and a $39.99 membership to Shoe Dazzle. From Daisy Dayz blog: my prizes are $50 to Sunglassesshop.com, $50 to spend at Wonderlost, a scarf, a necklace, as Swarovski crystal hair barrette, and 3 charm bracelets. That certainly cheered me up! The Fashionista giveaways were the most fun I've had as an avid sweeper. It's was so well-organized and the prizes were all awesome. So, of course, the blogger in me had to join in the fun! I am no signed-up for the Fall Fahsionista event October 11-16. You can register to participate too by reading this POST and tell them I sent you!

Speaking of giveaways, please check out my Virtual Baby Shower giveaways under the GIVEAWAYS tab on the menu at the top of my blog header. I have a bunch of cool prizes up for grabs for the new babies in your life. Enter for yourself or to win a gift for someone special who is expecting!

One more thing...did you push your clocks 1 hour ahead? It's DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!


jmt said...

It wouldn't be life if we didn't have both the highs and the lows. I'm excited to hear about your potty training invite - my 21 month old doesn't have any real interest in depositing her goods on any potty, at all. She seems to understand the concept that it belongs there and not the diaper, but I fear it's causing her distress between what's "right" and what her body prefers to do. So I keep offering up the diaper.

I'm getting excited for this new babe to join you! I feel like it's been a really long waiting period. :)

Lee-Ann said...

That will be a nice break for you with her at school full time. Hopefully you get some relief from baby soon.

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Yay for Marlie on the potty. Sorry for your pain and Marlie in school full time will give you tje rest you need.

Krissy said...

I hope little CC backs up off your left side and gives you a little relief soon.

Your week wasn't so bad at all. You've had worse.

I'm so porud of marlie and her potty training. Jas is doing a great job with training herself.

Quiana said...

Congrats on Marlie's potty training progress! That's awesome you have the day care option. I think that will definitely be in our future esp when it's time for #2! Congrats on your wins too. Sounds like a bunch of fun stuff! Wishing you relief and health =)

Maureensk said...

You could still have this baby early. I don't know why doctors tell women things like that. The day before Dora was born, I woke up feeling like a basketcase, nauseous, and having diarrhea. I just knew something had started hormonally and the baby would be born soon. I had visit with my ob/gyn the next morning and he insisted that nothing was happening any time soon (II hadn't dilated at all or anything). A few hours later, my water broke. A few hours after that, Dora was born (about 8 hours after my doctor said nothing was happening soon).

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