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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 32 Weeks Old

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Before I recap this week, I have to tell you about the almost nightmare repair bill we were facing. It started when I woke up in the wee hours on Wednesday morning because nature was calling. There were no lights in the bathroom. I DO NOT pee in the dark...fear of spiders, snakes, piranha in the toilet, but I digress. There are lights working elsewhere in the house, so Damon goes outside to check the fuse box. Nothing. We have about 70% of lights and outlets working. He calls an electrician when the sun comes comes and they say to call the power company because scattered electricity is usually a problem with a power line. The power company comes out that evening and tells us they fixed the problem and to throw the circuit breaker. Nothing. At that point, it sounds like a wiring problem. A massively expensive wiring problem in our 1927 home. I am imagining holes being punched in the drywall and ceilings and a repair bill that could not come at a worst time. I wake up in the middle of the night to tracking lighting shining in my eyes. All power is back! I could not believe our good fortune. I actually got down on my knees and thanked God for his mercy. I just had to share.

This may come as a shock, but...I'm still pregnant (as of the time I posted this)! Not even one sign that the time is close. I am staring down 38 weeks and Chocolate Chip has made no moves to evacuate the oven. I'm not anxious though. (S)he can bake some more. I am in no rush to start taking care of a Tasmanian devil toddler and a newborn.

Let's see, what else is going on? Marlie started her new school schedule this week 8:30 am-2:30 pm. She has adapted well to staying longer, but nap time can be hit or miss. In other progress news, I dare say we are officially potty-trained! Sure, there are a couple of accidents here and there and we still use a cloth diaper at night because she is such a heavy wetter. But she is in panties all day and going to the bathroom on her own! She refers to herself as a princess when she goes, "See mommy? I be princess!" She also likes to say "ta-da" when she's made potty. So, which is it? Is she a princess or a magician? The picture above her potty says, "Marlie's Throne."

Every now and then my sweet tomboy does or says something to remind me that she is a girl. Like the princess references. On Friday, she asked me to put ponytails in her hair. Baby girl only has enough hair for tiny Afro puffs, but okay. She is clearly developing a self-image and becoming conscious of her appearance. I catch her looking at herself in the mirror and smiling. The child knows she is cute with that cocoa skin and big almond eyes that sport lashes a mile long. And her smile...swoon. We are in big trouble. She has developed a bad habit recently, which is biting her nails and nail beds. She even does it in her sleep. I know this tick is genetic because her daddy does it too. I actually sat in the car and watched the two of them go at their fingernails like a couple of crazed beavers. Her cuticles are all chewed and she has hangnails.I need to come up with a deterrent that does not involve spreading some chemical on her fingers or using punishments.

As for me...Marlie's new schedule has given me a new lease on life. I can actually go have lunch with friends and make afternoon appointments! One thing I did do right away was go see a chiropractor that practices around the corner from our house and was recommended by the naturopathic doctor who's been counseling me in natural childbirth. He did some energy clearing and adjustments. I left clearer minded and walking more upright which is saying a lot since I am carrying a bullet train in front.


Kimberly Grabinski said...

I'm glad your power came back, I know how nightmarish those things can be.

We had that same potty, it worked great for us! Abby still wears a pullup at night, she can't seem to have more than 2 dry nights in a row.

I can't wait to read that you had that baby!

The Redhead Riter said...

"We are officially potty-trained!"

That is definitely PARTY TIME! Woohoo!

"Is she a princess or a magician?"

She is a woman-to-be so she is everything hear her roar LOL

"The child knows she is cute with that cocoa skin and big almond eyes that sport lashes a mile long. And her smile...swoon."

Take my word for it...move to an island that is totally void of other people until she is at least 30. Boys are going to DRIVE you CRAZY!

"a couple of crazed beavers."

LMBO!!! I used to do that too when I was younger. I don't remember why I stopped, but I DO NOT bite my nails and haven't for probably 20 years. Sheesh, I'm old.

"He did some energy clearing and adjustments."

You're going to need more of them when you have a whining Marlie and a screaming/crying Chocolate Chip. LOL


Krissy said...

yay for power! and yay for potty training!

so proud of the princess!

Maureensk said...

i wish I though about using a chiropractor during my pregnancies! That is such a good idea. I did massage, which is nice, but just not the same. That's pregnant brain for you, I never even thought about it. Coolness on the potty training! Good luck with the nail biting. Two of mine even chewed their toenails and not at an age where it could be considered cute in any way, shape, or form.

Quiana said...

I had no idea you were in an old house and that's awesome you evaded an expensive wiring cost. I know you don't need any more drama so close to meeting Chocolate Chip! Anyway, glad you got some relief from the chiropractor - I've always been nervous to go as I've heard that you can sometimes end up in worse condition than you started with after going but glad you found someone that works for you.

Betty Roberts said...

Lol Tasmanian devil, Yey!!! For potty trained my four year old still wears a diaper for bed because he has accidents too often :(

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