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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 31 Weeks Old

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I know I have been M.I.A. in the blogosphere except for some scheduled giveaway posts and tweets, but for good reason. I've been getting organized for Chocolate Chip's debut and obsessively nesting. At my last doctor's appointment, my OB took one look at my low-rider bump and said this baby might come before my next appointment. That put me in high gear! Minus a few shopping snafus (back orders, coupon codes not working, packages arriving incomplete), I feel ready for this baby to arrive! I am working on some great posts as well as seeking guest articles for when I take a maternity leave from this blog (look out for more information on Tuesday). I promise to catch up with you all this week. Meanwhile, enjoy these Marlie updates:
  • We had our first missing child scare in a department store last Sunday. We took Marlie shoe shopping at Nordstrom Rack (3 pairs of Spring shoes for under $50! That's what I'm talking about!). While we were browsing the shoe rack, she takes off. She is fast, like FloJo fast. We couldn't find her for two minutes, but it seemed like forever. I felt my heart seize up with fear as I scanned the front doors for anyone attempting to leave with my child. People saw her streak past and would point out the direction she went. This is how we found her. Near the checkout line, in a fit of giggles. We were not amused. We had a talk about running off and how a mean person could have taken her away. I hope it sinks in. I never want to feel that panic of not knowing where my baby girl is ever again.
  • She has this way of combining words that is so funny. Lion + Tiger = Linger (pronounced line-ger). She calls any jungle cat a linger. She calls Damon maddy (my + daddy). And a "rubber band aid" can be a rubber band or a ponytail holder.
  • She is really into superheros. Her daddy taught her names of all the Marvel comic characters. Her favorite is Spider-man.
  • This week was Spring Break, so she has been home with me all day. We've done lots of drawing  and shopping and playing at the park and lunching at our favorite organic restaurants. We also really focused on using the potty and she had some perfect days (we even went out in panties and came home dry!) and some not-so-perfect days where she couldn't be bothered to stop doing whatever to go to the bathroom. Overall, I am happy with her potty training. She knows her body's signals and how to go on her own, it's just a matter of consistency now. It's been a great week. The time change doesn't seem to have had an negative impact on her sleeping as it's had in the past. 
ECSTATIC UPDATE!!! My bloggy friend Alexia from Babies and Bacon gave birth yesterday (on St. Patrick's Day) to a gorgeous baby girl. Mama and baby and daddy and Big Sis C are doing great and home from the birthing center. Congratulations to them!


Krissy said...

Looks like your mama is ready for you CC you can come on out. Auntie Krissy is ready to see if she was right about you!

Marlie looks beautiful in that picture. Her face is changing. I'm loving her hair. And she's rocking that potty training! So is jasmine. We haven't gone all day panties yet but she has been going pretty consistently to the potty on her own. I guess that's all I can ask for at this point.

Maureensk said...

OMG! I had almost the exact same scare two weeks ago at Value Village. Little Miss thought it was so funny to hide from me and wouldn't respond to my calling her. I kept watching the door to make sure no one left with her. I just about had a heart attack. It was the most scared I have ever been in my parenting career of five kids! It seemed like forever. I told her about bad people and it sunk in a bit too well, now she clings to my legs the whole time that we are out anywhere.

Quiana said...

Oh no! I went missing as a toddler - let myself out the front door but a neighbor promptly returned me. If that ever happened to me I'd freak but something tells me payback is coming . . . So cute how Marlie combines words! Wishing you the best as you nest and definitely will keep an eye out for more info on guest posting.

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