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Call for Guest Blogger Posts!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am nesting mode and my brain isn't processing anything that is not about this baby's impending birth. I don't want this blog to suffer, so I am placing a call for submissions for guest writers. I will publish the posts while I'm taking a maternity leave from this blog in April.

Theme: The Motherhood Juggling Act (i.e. juggling motherhood and relationships, juggling motherhood and work, juggling motherhood and illness/disability, juggling motherhood and elder care)

  • Your post must fit the theme, be original, and not published before on the Internet or in print
  • Your article cannot include and sponsored or affiliate links
  • Feel free to announce it on your site/blog with a link back to its URL on my blog after it is published on Marlie and Me
  • Article must be saved in .txt file with html code, if desired (i.e. bold, underline, italics). Please, no Word docs because they contain code that are a pain to edit out.
  • Please include a title, your byline as you want it to appear, and a 75-word or less bio.
  • I retain the right to format the article per my blog style and to edit for spelling and grammar. I will not tamper with your writing style.
  • You may attach an image. Image must be your property, public domain, or licensed for reuse and be properly attributed.
  • Email your article as an attachment to: t_freckleton[at]yahoo[dot]com
  • Deadline: April 10, 2012
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