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Moderate Couponing for the Rest of Us

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Couponing has swept the nation. It now a competitive sport to try and get your groceries for 100% free thanks to TV shows like Extreme Couponing. Bloggers are getting in on the action by posting about their extreme shopping trips to favorite stores like Target and Wal-Mart and proudly showcasing their haul. I am always in awe by spoils, but I don't see myself getting in on this trend. First off, I don't buy many of the products for which most coupons are offered (i.e. canned/microwaveable foods), I don't have room for stockpiling, and I don't see the point of subscribing to a clipping service.

That doesn't mean I don't coupon. I do! I visit websites like CouponCodes4u before I do any shopping for the latest coupon codes, deals, sales, discounts, and printable coupons. Coupon sites are an easy way to find savings, especially if you shop online. For example, if I want to find the best deal on running shoes from my favorite brand I just type Puma Coupon Codes in the search box and a list of available coupons pops up with their expiration date. I just click on the one I want to redeem and shop. Simple!

Couponing is not just for moms. I know that office managers are feeling the budget squeeze of keeping office supplies stocked while keeping costs down. A coupon and discount site is a must-stop for the savvy office manager. A quick coupon search for an office supplier like Quill Coupon Codes and coupons for ink toner and copy paper magically appear. The CFO will be impressed with your wizardry!



Help! Mama Remote... said...

I can't seem to get my coupon swagg on. I do purchase can goods, but frozen boxed foods I don't. However, I'd love to do it for tissue and household supplies.

Betty Roberts said...

I use coupons ver minimally normally the things that I purchase there isn't a coupon for, and I also don't see the point in buying tons and tons of one item that I know will just go to waste

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