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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 29 Weeks Old

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The full weight of my reaching the term of this pregnancy really hit me this week. I think Marlie has sensed that this baby is coming soon too because she has become permanently attached to my backside and is getting extra possessive. On Wednesday I was holding the one-year-old daughter of her school's director while waiting for her to finish lunch. She looked up, saw me, and burst into tears. Uh, oh! I am still holding out hope that she will come around once the baby is here.

I really need to step it up in the preparations for Chocolate Chip's arrival. I haven't ordered any newborn cloth diapers or onesies or washed the crib bedding.I have a nice little sum in my Amazon.com account thanks to some recent giveaway wins. I just need to go shopping! How hard is that?


Quiana said...

Marlie is so precious! It's amazing how children are so perceptive and can tell when change is coming . . . That's great about your Amazon credits! I have a serious obsession with Amazon and have an ongoing shopping cart at all times. Have fun shopping =)

Candace said...

I remember when my daughter was five and we held someone's little baby and our daughter was crying and jealous and we had JUST found out we were pregnant with #3 at the time. I also remember when the kids came to the hospital later to meet is and fell instantly in love. I know its HARD to get over the guilt of making your only child have to share you with someone but you both get over it in time and fall in love with your new family unit.

That being said....ORDER THOSE DIAPERS!!!!

Maureensk said...

Uhm, yeah, as low as you looked the other day, I'd step things up! She will come around, hopefully. My 3rd never really recovered from me having my 4th, but she was four at the time. Marlie is young enough that she'll forget she was ever an only. A lot of people say that four years is an ideal age spread, but in our family, younger was definitely better.

The Redhead Riter said...

Shopping is very hard for me because I hate it!!! LOL

I'm sure you will get it all done in time.

Sending lots of love

jmt said...

The less focus you show on the changes and simply act like all the changes that happen are natural day to day shifts, the easier it'll be. We never talked about how things were going to change, we just told the kids another baby was growing and ready to share our house! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh wow it must be so hard for her to fully understand what is going on. But im sure once she meets chocolate chip and realizes mommy has more than love to go around she will be the best big sister ever!!

Alicia said...

Awww... sounds typical. It might be a rough transition at first. Marlie might be like, "That baby is STILL here! When is it leaving?!" Then she'll realize that the baby is here to stay and will totally fall in love and be a stellar big sister!

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