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The Best of Marlie and Me in 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

Everyone else gets to have a Best Of List, now so do I. So here is the best of Marlie and Me this year, in chronological order...

Gilligan's Island: I play Hollywood casting agent with my pick of actors for a Gilligan's remake on the silver screen. 3/19

I'm Not Your Dorm Room Bunny!: I take a stroll down memory lane as I recount (in accurate detail) how a budding college romance (with future hubby/baby daddy) was almost derailed by his insensitivity. 6/25

Mothers as Martyrs: After reaching my breaking point as a new mom, SAHM, mommy blogger, I take a hard-hitting look at the Supermom myth and the impractical standards we mothers try to live up to 7/26

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl: I poured my heart out as I recalled 100 of my best memories with my daughter in her first year. It still makes me weepy when I read it. 8/15

Sesame Street Made a Boob of Themselves: I examine the controversy surrounding the Katie Perry boob-gate scandal at Sesame Street and I decide to ridicule the show's silly decision to pull the episode by blaming jealous moms for the brouhaha. I still stand by my opinion that the whole issue is a non-issue, but I shouldn't have resorted to personal attacks. I should have simply said, turn the channel if you don't approve of the featured guest. 10/2

I have Proof that Dads are from Mars: my HI-larious take on the differences between moms and dads. I would add to the list that moms are proactive (we plan in order to avoid scheduling conflicts, we try to foresee trouble and take measures to prevent accidents, mishaps and boo-boos), but dads are reactive (they avoid planning in order to schedule free time, they dive head-first into trouble and then respond to accidents, mishaps and boo-boos by calling for mommy reinforcements). 12/6

My Mystery Illness Solved: I reveal my 5-year struggle with chronic hair loss and skin problems and my unrelenting hunt for a diagnosis and treatment. 12/14

I hope you have enjoyed reading my little blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Happy New Year!


Carol E Wyer said...

Nipped over to grab you before the exciting new year's eve fun...Hubby has planned to be in bed by 9pm and I have sneaked a bottle of cava and chilled it to enjoy on my own.heehee!
I'm so pleased to have met you in blogworld and just wanted to wish you and Marlie and indeed all of your family a very Happy and healthy 2011. I'll read through these posts now and catch up with your 2010.
Keep blogging :)

Alexia said...

I am so thrilled to have 'met' you and Marlie in 2010. Loving these posts! Your blog has inspired me in so many ways, from cloth diapering to Wordless Wednesdays and to just being plain old honest with my faithful readers. Looking forward to spending another virtual year with you Teresha!

Happy New Year to you, Damon and Marlie!

Betty Manousos said...

Happy New Year!!
To you and your precious family, my bloggy friend!

Here's wishing you happiness and prosperity the New Year.

I'm so happy to have met you, Teresha in this past year.

Kisses to you and your adorable little star Marlie!
B xoxo

septembermom said...

This is a terrific list! I enjoy reading your blog very much.

Happy New Year to you too :)

I'm so happy that I found wonderful you in blogland :) You're a joy to know!! Give Marlie a hug from me!

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