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Baby Proofing for Dummies (Like Me)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I knew it was time to baby proof our home when Marlie started crawling and one of the first things she did was poke an electric socket.

But I quickly discovered that baby-proofing is easier said than done. There are so many child safety products to choose from! No wonder some parents hire professional baby proofing consultants. We felt confident that we could handle the task ourselves and the results were mixed. Electric outlet covers were a breeze, but we stumbled through our search for a baby gate. Like most new parents we went shopping at a local baby store. The choices in baby gates were limited, so the decision was really made for us. We wound up returning the gate we bought the next day.

Lesson Learned.

I went online and finally found the perfect baby gate after hours of combing through different consumer product review sites, comparison shopping, and trying to decide between pressure gates or mounted gates. If I had known about KidSafeInc.com I could have saved a lot of time!

KidSafe is a one-stop online resource for information on baby proofing and buying child safety products. They carry all of the best child safety gates on the market, including the popular KidCo gates.

The KidSafe Blog is an excellent source for information on CPSC warnings and recalls. I signed up to receive their alerts and educational articles. If you are riddled with anxiety about baby proofing, the KidSafe guides, checklist and baby proofing supplies will help give you peace of mind.



Kim said...

We went through this with our first too. It seems like kids do all those things that are highly dangerous - I'm constantly telling my toddler to take the plastic bag off his head and threatening time-outs because he's sticking something into an outlet. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah i remember those days. We had climbers so we had to nail many things down. I wish I had this kind of service back then. It would have made it a breeze I'm sure.

My best, Lynn

Help! Mama Remote... said...

YES!!! As soon as they hit the ground, time to baby proof!

Maureensk said...

Yeah, baby gates are a toughy. We had really weirdly-sized entry ways, so had a dickens of a time finding gates that worked. We recently took down the gate downstairs as Miss V was climbing on it and making it fall over and getting hurt in the process, plus she's mastered going up the stairs.

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