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[Guest Post] Floral Centerpieces Aren't Just for the Summer

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guest post written by Ginger Robinson
I think that keeping floral arrangements around the house is so gorgeous, so I try to keep it that way. Although, sometimes I just don't get around to getting floral bouquets for the vases around the house like I should. So I'm all for finding plants that will last a really long time.
I went online to try and get some ideas about some floral arrangements that would be appropriate for Christmas time. While I was doing that I found some satellite internet packages that I thought looked pretty appealing, so I found one for me and decided to CLICK HERE and order it for my house.
While I was online I actually found an idea for a flower centerpiece that I think would go really great with all of my holiday decorations. It has some poinsettias in the middle of it, which just reminds me of the holiday season! Growing up, my parents would always have some potted poinsettias positioned throughout our house as part of our decorations, so it really makes it feel like home.



Michelle said...

I love flowers around the house too. I buy them for myself every so often, but not often enough.

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