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Baby Log: 1 Year and 16 Weeks Old

Sunday, December 5, 2010

There is so much to report this week and without photos. You hear that, Santa? Marlie and Me need/want a digital SLR for Christmas! (or at minimum a Canon PowerShot). We cannot continue to deprive the Internet of Marlie's uber-cute visage. So, get on the ball Santa or you will be on our list.
  • Marlie continues to amaze me with how much she learns from watching what we do. This week she took a jewel case from my desk and tried to put the CD in her boombox. She also knows how to operate it (play, pause, skip) from seeing us press the buttons.
  • She's been grabbing our hands to lead us to things she wants us to get something for her. She knows that she has to hold our hands when walking outside and will automatically reach for our hand.
  • After months of repetition, Marlie is finally saying thank you in the correct context.
  • I've been slacking on the sign language, but picked up the lessons again this week. Now Marlie can sign "eat."
  • This week I've been mourning the return of THE LADY IN RED (if you catch my drift). It's been wonderful to be without a period. I guess Mother Nature has other ideas. Oh well.
  • I joined a village of generous spirits over at NECESSARY ROOM where blog author and wise woman Se'Lah has created a Christmas wish list to surprise some children in her native Montserrat. Please consider helping out.
  • I won a custom made cuddle baby from Polar Bear Creations from the blog Homegrown Families. I am really excited because this will be Marlie's first doll.


Honey + Lime said...

That age is so much fun! Sorry that Aunt Flo made her return, at least you went this long without... I got mine back 2 months after birth!

Maureensk said...

Aunt Flo still hasn't returned for me, though I'm still breastfeeding, quite a bit. Also, I'm older, though a bit young for menopause. One can hope though. Miss V shows us things by saying "Show me". Of course she means, "Me show you", but it is cute. That is great that Marlie is so good about holding your hand!

septembermom said...

Love reading your updates on Marlie! She's doing so well. I remember that feeling when The Lady in Red returned. When I was nursing, I didn't have it for almost 2 years!!

Krissy said...

I love polite babies! They are too cute. And babies really do watch everything we do. Remember that folks! Lol.

keyalus said...

I have been underestimating how much sign language Lewis is learning at daycare. I remembered to sign eat to him the other night and he got so excited and immediately repeated the sign after me. He's waiting for *me* to catch up!

We do more, drink and all-done/finished regularly. Since he doesn't talk too much I want to work on this more. I will be working on Yes and No this week.

I love it when Lewis takes my hand. It feels so sweet. Reminds me of when he was a baby and would instinctively curl his fingers around mine.

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