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Coupon Crackdown?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coupon EnvelopeBecky G. at A Full Cup alerted me to this announcement from Kroger concerning the end of coupon stacking in their greater Houston area grocery stores. The page explains the new policy in full, but in a nutshell it means customers will no longer receive double or triple discounts on items for which they have multiple coupons.

I just got on the coupon bandwagon after following coupon-clipping blogs for the past year. One of the biggest draws is being able to stack coupons. I went to Kroger instead of Whole Foods this past weekend for that very reason. I hope this anti-stacking practice doesn't spread to Kroger stores in North Texas.

It seems that Kroger is going against the trend with this decision. Coupon stacking is very popular, some may even say it's a competitive sport. Just look at that new show on TLC
from Extreme Couponing where shoppers walk out of stores with hundreds of dollars in merchandise for pennies on the dollar.

Personally, I think that Kroger is doing a public disservice. Couponing is a life-saver in these bleak economic times. We should write our grocery stores and urge them not to eliminate coupon stacking!


Maureensk said...

None of the stores in our area allow coupon stacking, double couponing, or anything else like that. At Safeway, you can't get items for free with coupons either. One time, I even had a Safeway coupon that I had got online from the Safeway website to get something for free and I wasn't allowed to use it. It even says that is the rule on the Safeway corporate website, so I have no idea why they made such a coupon. Anyway, I kind of crashed and burned on the whole coupon thing. Partly because I hated the way the clerks treated me when I had many coupons. I prefer the ones that go on your frequent shopper card and just get deducted automatically. The problem with those is that they are usually for products we don't buy.

Kimberly Grabinski said...

coupon nazis

septembermom said...

I agree that we can't let stores take these savings away from us. It's ridiculous!

Unknown said...

I just hope that stacking coupons doesn't stop at anymore stores. It's seems that there is a few bad apple's out there!I go out of my way to shop at Target which about a forty min. ride for me, just to be able to use and save more than just using one coupon and only saving 50 cents or less.

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