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I'm Rockin' a Guest Post Navelgazing Bajan Today!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Please hop over to Navelgazing Bajan and read my contribution to her "What Motherhood Means to Me" series. It's titled Finding My Mommy+

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always4evamoi said...

hey mamma,
i read your post, and my goodness, you have detailed everything i was feeling/thinking/doing/wanting/needing during the beginning of my motherly experience, and even for a while after, despite the fact that my princess is presently a toddler. i still shudder at the transition i had to go thru and having to greive my old self (trust, i still cry for her sometimes cause i miss her so much). having withdrawals cause me to have breakdowns and succomb to a very deep depression. mind you, there were many other things going on as well, but i feel as though becoming a mother (and a single one at that) "stripped" me of "me". one of the things i started doing was blogging, and through writing, i realized that despite the changes, i'll always be me. things are slowly getting better but that experience was something ill never ever forget. love your guest post!!

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