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Baby Log: 1 Year and 34 Weeks Old

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcome to the Marlie News Network (MNN) where we provided updates and breaking news on all things Marlie 24/7...
  • Marlie turned 20 months this week. She is no longer in the teens...waaaaah! She is 4 months away from turning 2...waaah! Wait. Mommy has to get going on the party planning. Luckily, I have already picked out a theme: Pink Giraffes. Don't you think the theme suits her? She is certainly tall and skinny like a giraffe. Now I'm in full party planning mode. Like a wedding it all starts with the perfect dress. I found this on eBay and quickly bought it:

    And I love these party invites from Riley Boo:

  • I also dig the zoo party idea for Marlie's 2nd birthday because she loves animals and has lots of animal traits. She has the eyes of an eagle...she can spot a speck of crumb from a mile away. She has the memory of an elephant...she remembers where I hid that box of Nut Thins 3 days ago. She climbs like a monkey, eats like a bird, screeches like a bat (but runs like Phoebe, according to Damon).
  • Marlie has been blissfully sleeping through the night for a little while now (no more more 3 am diaper change). It's been heaven, but just when we think all is good, she starts a new battle...refusing to go to sleep! Marlie napped for 3 hours on Monday. Then only one hour on Tuesday, no nap on Wednesday, 30 minute nap on Thursday, back to one hour on Friday. She has also been fighting bedtime all week, but then her babysitter said she had no problem putting her to bed on Friday. Hopefully, this was just a passing phase.
  • I landed my first freelance writing gig!!! I am writing commentary for Real Celebrity Life. It is my dream to write professionally (secretly, I have always wanted to write celebrity news). Please click over and support my dream.
  • Going through my closet last week, I realized that I have zero going-out clothes. Everything is maternity and old work clothes. The few passable pieces I've been able to wear are all ruined with mystery stains. That's because Marlie's hands are always sticky and greasy. So I took myself shopping to Marshall's with a $75 Visa gift card I earned for filling out a survey. I scored 3 tops, a pair of leather sandals, and a nice pair of dark wash jeans. Not.bad.at.all. Mama's gettin' her groove back!
  • Damon and I went on a dinner date Friday night. It felt so good to get dressed-up and go somewhere romantic. I had a Groupon for the restaurant, but we still wound up paying extra after we had appetizers and drinks. Plus, a tip for the valet and waitress and the babysitter fee. The real cost of quality couple time: priceless.


Anonymous said...

If BF is still in Dallas in the next 4 months can Jas and I get an invite to the party!? That would be so much fun!

I'm so glad you guys got a date night. That's always fun.

septembermom said...

Congrats on the freelance writing job! I know you'll do great :)

Marlie is getting so big. I think that the zoo animal them is going to be a big hit. Very cute!

Kim said...

Yay for the writing gig!!!! I love that little dress and the idea of a theme. I've been very lame on parties for Deaglan so far.

Shaune and I haven't been out alone in four years:(

Maureensk said...

Pink giraffes are too cute! Plus, it's so different - what a great idea! Too cool on the writing gig! Sorry to hear about the sleeping battles. I think it's a strong-willed girl thing. None of my older kids gave me fits like Miss V does. I feel horrible, but currently she mostly will only nap in the car, while it is running. So if she falls asleep, I go park somewhere and let the car run until she wakes up. It wastes so much gas and pollutes the air, I know, but the cost of sanity is priceless too.

keyalus said...

Love the pink giraffe theme, the invite and the dress!

Lewis is fighting naptimes lately now too. He used to routinely sleep 1:30-2 hrs at school. All last week he slept 0-30 minutes. The fear in my heart when I picked him up and realized he had not taken a nap all day was serious! At home this weekend though, he napped 1:30 every day. Hmm...

Whoohooo for date night! I am looking forward to one of my own this weekend since MIL is in town. I do believe I should pick up something cute to wear too. I live in jeans and tees at work and its warm now so I don't have anything nice to wear.

Quiana said...

The pink giraffe theme is adorable! Also congrats on your freelance gig =)

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