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Attention All Moms: Get Paid for Giving Your Opinion

Monday, April 4, 2011

I am a member of several paid survey sites, but I get tired of answering long surveys about products or services I don't care about. Plus, they don't offer much incentive. I wished for a site that focused on collecting thoughtful feedback from moms while respecting my valuable time and opinions.

So imagine my surprise and excitement when QuestionMoms asked me to review their survey site and encourage other moms to join if I liked what I saw. And, I did like it...a lot!

Sign up to participate with QuestionMoms QuestionMoms is just like sitting on a product testing panel except you get to participate from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Other features that won me over:
  • Simple two-step registration process
  • Earn $3 just for signing up and creating a profile
  • Your general profile is kept confidential
  • You get paid for EVERY survey you complete
  • Most surveys takes less than 5 minutes and pay $1
  • Share your thoughts on products in development
  • The chance to win prizes!
Right now, QuestionMoms is looking for African-American moms to review a pair of black dolls/action figures.

If any of you moms would like to give your opinion and get paid for it sign up to participate with QuestionMoms. When they ask how did you hear about QuestionMoms.com, tell them Marlie and Me sent you!

Disclosure: I receive a bonus from QuestionMoms for every new sign-up through the above affiliate link

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