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Baby Log: 1 Year and 32 Weeks Old

Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Marlie news this week...
  • She loves sauce. She loves to dip food in sauce. She is addicted to BBQ sauce. She will dip anything in BBQ sauce (carrots, bread, chicken bits, eggs). We swapped out the BBQ sauce for hummus and now she loves dipping celery, pita bread in that and it's much more nutritious.
  • She's become a little tumbler. She can flip her entire body over. I found a mom and tot gymnastics class that I am going to sign her up for this summer.
  • She has take an interest in caring for babies from watching the new baby at her school. Now she makes me help her swaddle and rock and feed and burp her stuffed Kermit doll. When I see her coming at me with that blanket and that dang Kermit I wanted to run and hide. Instead I do my best to play along because it's part of her development, but it sure is annoying to fake putting Kermit to sleep because she keeps waking him up!
  • Marlie had a cold this week and then I caught it because she kept sneezing on me. We are working on covering our mouths with the crook of our arm. Anyway, she has been extra clingy and demanding because she is not feeling well. And boy, she had me running around like an indentured servant trying to make her comfortable. I felt like the genie from Aladdin, "poof! whaddaya need? poof! whaddaya need?"
  • Potty learning update: Marlie is no longer telling me when she pooped so I thought I missed the window of opportunity. Then yesterday during our workout she kept saying "poop," so I went to change her and nothing. Then I put her on the potty and she sat and sat and passed gas. My hopes soared. She got up and the potty was empty. I put a diaper on her and we resumed exercising. A few minutes later, again with the "poop"...back on the potty. Again, nothing. I finally found some potty pants that will fit her slim frame. Maybe that will kick start the process.


Maureensk said...

That's so cool that she is potty training herself so early! She sounds ready, I bet she is fully trained well before her 2nd birthday. The Kermit story is gave me a good chuckle - too cute!

Kimberly Grabinski said...

Abby showed some positive interest like Marlie before she was 2, and she was potty trained by 2 - at least day time.

Not long ago, both my kids were sick. I'd finally sit down from tending to one, and the other would ask for something. When i'd finally get them both satisfied, the DOG then needed something. I swear I did about 4,000 squats one day with how often I got up from sitting.

I hope you are both feeling better!

Betty Manousos said...

hi teresha!
your little angel's achievements are so impressive at her age.

she's such a beautiful and clever cutie!

happy monday!

betty xxX

keyalus said...

I love the Aladdin reference and I know where you are coming from. All Lewis has to do is point to something "This!" and I'm off and running trying to figure out what he wants. I feel like a slave. :)

If you figure out the sneeze thing please post! I am trying to teach Lewis to cover his mouth but how do you teach an 18mo old to cover when he sneezes. He's very good about covering his mouth after LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yay the potty! She can join jasmine in the potty poop pic lol.

I have taught jasmine to cover her mouth when she coughs with her little hand. The elbow thing was a bit much for her. Her sneezing still kinda scares her but when I see it coming I cover her mouth with something so she doesn't shower everything.

I love marlie stories. She's too cute.

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