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Baby Log: 1 year and 7 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One of the things that I have been dreading since becoming a mom happened on Friday...Marlie removed her diaper and smeared poop all over her crib. That does it. She is wearing a onesie during the day from now on. I removed the poo-covered sheets, blankets, and toys then plunked her down in the bathtub. After getting her cleaned up, the other thing I have been dreading since becoming a mom happened next...she fell off the changing table. I had just laid her down and was reaching for a cloth wipe when she suddenly kicked backward like she was launching into a backstroke and went off the short side of the dresser. I was helpless to stop her fall. It happened so fast, but felt like slow motion. She somersaulted in the air and landed on her stomach. I have never been so glad to have carpet. Her reaction was slow. I think she was stunned at first, but then she started wailing. All I could do was rock and kiss her. My little stunt girl. I have 10 more gray hairs.
Also this week...
  • The diaper thing came to a head on Friday, but she had already pulled another stunt earlier in the week when she took off her diaper, peed on the laminate floor in my office, then proceeded to kneel down and lick it up! yuck. gross. ick. disgusting.
  • She has regained her appetite and is eating everything she can get her hands on, including two eggs for breakfast. She suddenly likes bananas too.
  • This week she showed me that she knows what to do with a tissue. If I give her a Boogie Wipe, she wipes her nose and then blows! She's a baby genius, I tell you!
  • I have been reading her my all-time favorite children's book, Miss Nelson is Missing. She hates when I read the part of Miss Viola Swamp in a witch voice.
  • I took her to our neighborhood park for the first time. I know, I know this outing was long overdue, but we couldn't go in the summer when it was 100+ degrees everyday. Anyway, she loved it. The slide, the swing, the seesaw, the dirt. We are definitely going to go the the park more often.
  • This week I won $50 to AnytimeCostumes.com from Minnesota Mama's Must Haves and I won the GLEE Season 1 DVD box set from Parental Views Online Mag!


DreamTNM said...

Oh noo! (lol)... So you are saying this is what I will be looking forward to when I become a mom.... ahahh! :) She is so darn cute tho. Hope you have a great week!

Mrs. K said...

Marlie is adorable and hilarious. I still can't get over her licking up the pee. It reminds me of some of the gross stuff my mom told me I did as a baby--it involves chicken poop but I will say no more. I love reading about your family's adventures, especially the happenings of Marlie. :)

Lee-Ann said...

Oh man what a tough week! Funny on my end but awful on yours! LOL

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...


My daughter would only take off the diapers that had elmo on them, but I did go into her room after her nap once and find poop on the pillow.

The changing table thing is SCARY. We resorted to using the floor most of the time. Less stressful...

Sounds like she had a great time at the park!

Quiana said...

she licked it up?! omg! between that, the poo, and falling off the changing table (a huge fear of mine too!) that is rough! glad you had a couple wins though =)

Rhonda said...

I've also opened the door to see a smeared poop fest! Good times!

I guarantee that her falling off the changing table hurt you more than it hurt her. My son fell out of his swing when he was a baby and I cried and cried. He let out a little squeal.

She is a baby genius if she is blowing her nose!!

Maureensk said...

Wow! What a week. I've never done the smeared poop with any of my kids and am I glad. Though the licking pee almost grosses me out more.... I hope this week is better for you two. I think you earned some Mommy brownie points and deserve about 10 easy peasy weeks!

keyalus said...

You had a really gross week. Hugs!

I fear that changing table thing. It is all I can do to keep baby boy face up on the diaper table. It is very difficult to change a diaper when the baby is standing LOL.

Krissy said...

Marlie nooooo! Baby girl don't drive your mommy crazy please!

I don't even use the changing station anymore and I removed it from her pack n play because she was trying to pull herself up on it.

The Redhead Riter said...

Sorry Marlie, but that whole thing is hilarious (only because she didn't get hurt)

I can just see your face as you discovered all that poo!

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