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Baby Log: 1 year and 8 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The week got off to a rocky start...
  • On Sunday, Marlie slid off the changing table again, this time while Damon was on diaper duty. I was in the bathroom and heard him yelling for me to come quickly. I rushed into the nursery to find her dangling upside down over the edge. He had caught her by the leg and needed my help hoisting her back upright. For some reason, that got the rhyme eenie meenie minie moe, catch a tiger by its toe stuck in my head. At Kim's suggestion I moved the changing pad to the floor, which has been nice because she just goes and lays on it when she needs her diaper changed. I think it's time to officially start phase 1 of potty learning. I'm going to get her a potty for the bathroom and start sitting her on it when I make trips to the bathroom and before bath time. I don't expect her to start using it in earnest, but I would like her to start understanding the concept of the pot. I would be awesome to get ahead of the game.
  • On Monday, I decided to take Marlie to the doctor for her lingering cough (good move #1), but before I did I switched pediatricians (good move #2). The new pediatrician is part of a two-doctor practice, sees fewer patients, and is in our neighborhood. She was very tender and patient with Marlie who squirmed during the entire exam. After listening to Marlie's lungs she suspected bronchiolitis or pneumonia (insert loud, thumping heartbeat sound effect here). Marlie had to get a chest X-ray. Have you seen the medieval torture device masquerading as medical equipment that is used to immobilize children for the X-ray? It looks like this (I had to "borrow" someone's photo from the Web for this illustration because my camera batteries died, and I have zero desire to drive all the way to Big Lots to buy some, but you get the idea...oh, and sorry for the poor job of disguising this person's kid:

    Continuing....I cannot describe the sounds that came out of Marlie as she was strapped in that contraption. It was like listening to puppies being in tossed about in a washing machine. It. was. that. bad. My heart broke as for her. The slides came back showing a small area of pneumonia on her upper right lobe. More heartbreak. After a few days on antibiotics, Marlie is no longer hacking and wheezing. Children get sick. I need to face that fact.
We survived the rest of the week by employing humor...
  • My grandma gave me a laugh on Tuesday (bless her 90-year-old heart...I love me some her!). I was telling her about Marlie's pneumonia diagnosis and she asked me if I got my shot for the heiny flu yet? Huh? It took me a minute to figure out that she was talking about H1N1, you know...the H-I-N-I flu? LOL!
  • Marlie was cranky all week which is understandable. She is teething (both bottom lateral incisors have broke through the gum) and she is sick. She hates taking her medicine. To get her to swallow the meds we have to play peek-a-boo and sing the bunny foo-foo song...little bunny foo foo, hoping through the forest, scooping up the field mice and boppin'em on the head. She even tries to make the bunny hands, too adorable! We look like a couple of circus performers hopping around and being silly, but it gets her to take her medicine.
  • I caved and got a Twitter account. Follow me at Mommy2Marlie. I need to attend Twitterversity because I have no clue what @, # or RT means, how to attend a Twitter party, or the difference between tweetdeck and hootsuite. If anyone is giving a seminar on Twitter, sign me up!


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

What a cute blog!! Poor Marlie! "Puppies in a washing machine"---oh man, such imagery! Little sweetheart, glad she's doing better!

jmt said...

Now you have me concerned. Evie's had a lingering cough as well, but she acts fine, she's had no fever whatsoever....and she's so young I don't know if they'd give her anything to take for whatever it is anyhow! Hmm. She has her wellness visit Thursday. We've waited out this cough for a few weeks now anyhow, waiting for another symptom to show...fever, mainly....so I suppose waiting until Thursday will be okay. Grrrr. Kid sicknesses make me sad. Owen screamed when he had to get xrays once too...and they had to repeat several times because he would NOT sit still for it.

Twitter huh? :)

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Pneumonia? that's terrible!

i hope she's doing better soon

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Marlie is doing better.

I just "followed" you on Twitter. The way I learned twitter is by observing what other people do. You'll figure it out soon enough. Here are the answers to your questions though:

1. Use @ before someone's twitter name to reply or "tweet" to them directly. E.g. if I tweeted something to you I would type @Mommy2Marlie in the message.

2. # is used in front of hashtags which you can use to have your tweet show up in lists where people use that same hashtag. E.g. If you tweet something about breastfeeding, you can add #breastfeeding to your tweet and other people following that particular topic can see your tweet. Hashtags are optional though.

3. RT means Retweet. If someone tweets something that you want your followers to see then you just retweet it.

Hope that helps.

Maureensk said...

Wow! That machine is freaky looking! My son had pneumonia when he was two, but he was sick that they didn't have to do anything to get him to hold still. He just lay there. He is usually very active, it was soooooo scary to see him so listless.

Krissy said...

I hit the follow button for u on twitter. Looks like you figured it out pretty good already. Don't feel late in the game, I still refuse to sign up for facebook lol

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