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Baby Log: 1 Year and 11 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy All Hallow's Eve! Our household is still on cloud 9 after attending T-W-O Halloween parties this week...yes, I dressed up as Wilma Flintstone twice. We had a blast and even our dog Butters got in on the fun in his Dino costume. What else happened...
  • Marlie had been Senorita Cranky at the start of the week, but she has been less fussy since another tooth broke the gum line.
  • Her newest word is oh-oh! If anyone drops something, it's "oh-oh!"
  • Her newest move is to bend over and then flip upside down. Is it too early to enroll her in a gymnastic class?
  • I have been trying to get Marlie to eat a balanced breakfast containg all the food groups. She still won't do the green smoothie, so I found this recipe for something called a puffet. It's like a mini-quiche, but a lot simpler to make. It a bowl, I mixed one egg, a teacupful of coconut milk, 3 oz of grated cheese. 1 tbsp. of flour, a pinch of salt and some spinach (you can also add onions, potatoes, etc..). I poured the mixture into ramekins and baked on 325 degrees for 25 minutes. The came out of the oven looking and smelling great! I thought, surely she will eat this for breakfast it has all of her favorites...NOT! It was back to scrambled eggs, toast and sliced pears.
  • She likes motioning with her hands...like waving them over her plate when you tell her the food is hot or beckoning you with her finger when she wants you to come over to where she is.
  • So after reading all the recommendations about which potty chair to buy and taking Marlie to the store to sit on some, I wound up ordering the Once Upon a Potty from Amazon.com. This is the most comfortable fit for her, and I like the old-fashioned saddle seat design. It came with a book and poster. There is also a doll and a DVD sold separately. As you can see, she has taken to it nicely. We haven't attempted to use it yet, just letting her sit on it when I'm using the bathroom.


Alexia said...

Oh boy, a little gymnast, huh? How cute is that. And terrifying I'm sure ; )

I want a puffet! Gonna try a spinach one for Ella tomorrow. We'll let you know how it goes...

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Good choice on the potty ;) and good luck!

keyalus said...

Ha! Does she actually flip all the way over. Lewis will lean over with his head all the way down but won't flip over. I flip him over sometimes just to crack him up.

His Grandma said this weekend that meant he was "looking for his little sister". He can keep on looking then if that's what that means LOL!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the props on my costumes we did have a lot of fun!! 2 parties for you wow. Your brave :D

I remember buying an expensive potty when my boys were training and they had this flap front that could come off and they just ruined the chair. That saddle design is good. For boys espec bcuz they tend to pee all over the place! I found a cheap and effective on after at IKEA !! LOL

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