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Baby Log: Week 50

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Marlie is a power walker! It's unbelievable how she went from taking her first real steps to walking around the entire house in a couple of weeks. It's also unbelievable how fast she can get away and into something. We put up a baby gate at the top of the stairs yesterday. It's a Bindaboo Swing Close safety gate that I got with my CSN Stores preferred blogger gift certificate. We spent a lot of time researching baby gates and this was by far the best choice. First of all, we only had to purchase one extension to fits our extra wide stairway opening (45"). Second, I like that it swing close behind you in case you forget. It was easy to mount and is sturdy as a rock. I can't tell you the peace of mind it gives me to have the stairway secure no that she is walking around the entire upstairs. Not much else to report this week....
  • Marlie has been congested all week thanks to a cold. Other than wanting extra time nursing, she's doesn't act sick. She fights tooth and nail when you try to wipe her nose. She is a headstrong little girl.
  • The new foods this week was eggplant and beets. She ate both, but not with the same kind of enthusiasm she gave to other veggies. I also bought her a big organic peach from the market. I cut up half of it for our lunch of peaches and Greek yogurt. I then peeled the other half and gave it to her. It was a joy to watch her sink her little teeth into the peach and see the juices dribble down her chin. She loved it!
  • She has been saying bu-bu a lot. Damon thinks she is trying to say Butters, our dog's name.
  • We have am uninvited house guest. Let's call him Mickey. He is staying in our kitchen pantry. Damon saw him early this week hopping around in there. My skin crawls every time I think about it. We set a trap and he ate the bait without getting caught. That is one smart mouse, but his time is running out.
  • Come back tomorrow for the start of the Marlie and Me Head Back to School Event. I have a bunch of cool reviews and giveaways lined up!


The Redhead Riter said...

So Mickey has been elusive...LOL

I could almost imagine the dripping juices from the peach as Marlie ate it. Now I want peaches, but isn't so hard to believe that she is already chewing peaches?

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

yeah, I totally want a peach now too!

As for Mickey...well, I think you need a cat.

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