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Baby Log: Week 51

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have to share that Damon successfully eliminated Minnie Mouse and Mighty Mouse. I still can't believe we had not one, but two, mice living in our pantry. It's been a few days and the remaining traps are vacant so I am declaring our home rodent-free! We have been enjoying 100+ degree temperatures all week and then our upstairs air conditioner unit conked out on Thursday evening. We put in a service call and sought refuge downstairs for the night. The next day an A/C repair guy came out and flipped the breaker switch...cost us $50...doh!

This has been an exciting week for our Marlie what with party pr
eparations in full swing. I am {} this close to letting her have an old-fashioned, sugar-filled cake for her birthday (Lord, help me!). I scored a Build-A-Bear cake pan at Ross that fits perfectly with her teddy-bear theme.
Little Miss Independent has been busy:
  • removing her diaper cover every 15 minutes. Thank goodness that her actual diapers have snaps so her bum remains covered and the floors remain free of poop and pee.
  • demanding to be put down so she can walk in public. Mind you she is usually barefoot (which is recommended for early walkers so that they develop proper gait). It might be time to invest in some of those high-priced baby shoes that I have been avoiding...they cost more than my shoes!
  • injuring herself trying to run and plowing into stuff full speed. This week's boo boo highlight reel: a cut below her bottom lip from crashing into a table.
  • feeding herself from her own bowl...
  • practicing saying "thanks". I say thanks every time I give her something or if she gives me something. She said "dats" when I gave her a cookie at the store yesterday.
  • kicking her ball like a professional soccer player
  • playing with her buddy Orlaith.
Please head over to YouTube and vote for my video entry in the "What Ecomom Means to Me" contest by clicking on the 'Like' button. Thanks darling!


keyalus said...

Please give that girl a "real" birthday cake! :)

Baby shoes cost a freakish amount of money. We're not quite walking yet but I'm not looking forward to the cost. Lewis has really long feet too!

jmt said...

I'm with keyalus. :) I'm typically a sugar watcher myself, but on the bday? It'll be okay. She won't become an addict. Promise! And you get to enjoy it too...b/c she won't eat it all. I promise that as well!

Krissy said...

I'm for the "real" bday cake too. If for no other time, at least for her bday!

In Oct im either doing a princess Cake or cupcakes. I haven't quite decided on it yet. * tears* it's coming up wayy too fast!

The Redhead Riter said...

She has grown so much. I can't believe all the things she is doing now!

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