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Baby Log: 1 year and 2 Weeks Old

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Marlie attended TWO birthdays parties this weekend and, of course, was the life of the party! She has also been giving lots of attitude this week. It's like she turned 1 and lost her mind manners. But for the most part she is a delight. She is really into having books read to her now. She will bring you a book and then crawl into your lap and wait for you to read. Adorable! Marlie tried strawberries for the first time and almonds, which I grounded up and put in her yogurt. Both new foods were a hit.

My long drought on giveaway wins is partially over. I won a $15 gift code to Piggy Paint at I'm A Lazy Mom and a Rubbermaid Reveal Mop at Girl Gone Mom. How lame is it that I am most excited about the mop?!

We are headed to Pensacola on Wednesday for a week of frolicking in the Florida surf and sun while visiting my in-laws. Try to be good while I'm away!


Maureensk said...

Have fun in Florida!

Betty Manousos said...

Just passing by to say hi and sending you my love! Especially kisses to darling Marlie!!

Hope you have a great fun in Florida!

Love Florida!

Big hugs,

B xx

Anonymous said...

Be careful it's hot down here! :o)

My best, Lynn

Brandy said...

Have fun in Florida!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

I think it so great how you keep a log of her growth. If only I did that with my kids. That's great she loves for you to read to her & 2 parties?! She's a social bug already. So do you actually surf?

Debbie said...

I'd be excited about a new mop too. Maybe we are both lame!
I hope you have a great time in Florida.

septembermom said...

Enjoy your time away! Love that Marlie is a book girl too :)

The Redhead Riter said...

Have a wonderful time!

Vacations with babies are always an experience LOL

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