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System Mechanic 10.5 PC Tune-Up Review + Giveaway Worldwide!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I've mentioned one or twice that I have a dinosaur desktop PC better known as computersaurus-Rex. All joking aside I need to keep this relic going until I can afford a shiny, new laptop. 

I'm not a techie, but I consider myself tech-capable meaning that I can solve most of my computer problems by reading online support sites and following the instructions. A couple of months ago my computer slowed down to a crawl and it was clear that the issue required a professional. I took it to a local computer repair shop and it came back in great working condition. Now I am seeing little problems pop up again like sluggish boot-up and an occasional crashing browser. I didn't want to schlep it back to the repair shop and wait two days to get it back, so I started looking into tune-up software. That's when the PC fairy dropped an offer in my lap from iolo technologies to review System Mechanic 10.5.

System Mechanic PC Tune-Up ReviewProduct description from company website:
System Mechanic is the only PC performance and tune-up software designed to address and fix all nine root causes of PC slowdown. With over 51 advanced tune-up tools and a range of options to satisfy both novice and expert users, System Mechanic is engineered to breathe new life into old PCs by releasing misused processor cycles, sweeping away useless hard drive clutter and recovering wasted RAM memory. This software has been used by more than 32 million users to restore more than 75 million computers to their like-new performance. The newest version of the program, System Mechanic 10, is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP and can be used on all the PCs in a single-family household, with iolo’s industry-first Whole Home Licensing model.
System Mechanic tackles the 9 roots causes of PC slowdown:
  1. Slow program access caused by misaligned programs
  2. Decline in RAM that impacts all PC processing
  3. Slow boot times caused by startup traffic jam
  4. Redundant programs leading to conflicts and instability
  5. Slow web speeds caused by mismatched internet settings
  6. Registry errors and corruption causing instability
  7. Bloat that overtaxes the registry
  8. Fragmented hard drives that overtax drive processing
  9. Accumulated system clutter that wastes resources
If you are experiencing one or more of these PC problems then you need System Mechanic! The beauty of System Mechanic lies in the intuitive interface that makes it easy for all technical skill levels to use. For novices the all-in-one tools provides one-click PC repair and automatic maintenance while more advanced users can configure individual system performance tools to run more than 220 critical tests and make tailored repairs. 

For every user it all starts at the System Mechanic dashboard that visually guides you through the process of analyzing and making repairs to your PC system. Here are the results of my very own System Mechanic PC tune-up:
PC Tune-Up Review Screenshot
The diagnostic showed that my PC was in fair health. Not bad, but not so good either. After System Mechanic made the repairs there was a some improvement in the time it took to boot-up my computer, my web browser opened up quicker, and my internet speed was considerably faster. After, I ran the PC analysis again in advanced mode it caught even more registry errors and clutter. My PC is performing like new again. I'm completely sold on System Mechanic! What I like most about System Mechanic:
  • It was very easy to install and worked fine in Firefox
  • It worked in conjunction with my anti-virus software. System Mechanic actually monitors your firewall and anit-malware protection to make sure it's working.
  • The IntelliStatus reports that provide real-time stats on system components that affect PC performance such as hard drive space (I always forget how to find that!), system memory and internet speed.  
Buy It: System Mechanic is $49.95 for one-year service plan.With automatic renewals, subsequent service plans are offered at a discounted $29.95 per year. Two-year and three-year service plans are also offered at discounted rates. Service plans include Whole Home Licensing for every PC in a single family household and automatic upgrades for all minor and major version releases of the product.
    Win It: iolo technologies is giving TWO lucky Marlie and Me reader a copy of System Mechanic 10.5. Giveaway ends 8.15 at 12:01 am EST.

    Please Read How to Enter This Giveaway: you must use the Rafflecopter form below to record your entries. Comments left on the blog post for the required or extra entries don't count unless you record it on the Rafflecopter form. Please wait for the form to load, it may take longer to pop up than the rest of the web page. Make sure you have java script enabled and your browser updated with the latest version. If you encounter an error, refreshing the page usually resolves the problem. If problem persists, please report the issue to Rafflecopter.



    Jay said...

    System Mechanic has all the features I need to maintain & optimize my slow pc.

    sysabi said...

    System Mechanic seems be good to improve and optimize my laptop. I hope I win.

    latanya t said...

    It is a best seller with over 36 million users

    Admin said...

    its more powerfull than other software

    i really happy with it

    Anonymous said...

    I learned that disk defragmenters slow your system by blindly compacting and separating related files even more! I have always suspected this!

    kitty32504 at cox dot net

    Risingsouth said...

    I learned that it scans for and replaces out-of-date drivers.

    Risingsouth at verizon dot net

    Pat said...

    I learned that you don't have to be an expert to use it.


    mverno said...

    i learned that it unclogs speed-robbing bottlenecks for up to 800% better startup speed.

    Jaime McHugh said...

    its much better than the rest and just about anyone can use it! I would really love to have this on my computer

    mobrien said...

    They've been tuning PCs for 13 years.

    crystletellerday said...

    over 36 million people use it crystletellerday@yahoo.com

    Kim said...

    Shaune needs to see this product. He's all about any gadget that will improve our computer.

    daivabaum said...

    it takes the guesswork out of finding and removing redundant programs that drain performance and stability.

    Unknown said...

    i learned that iolo is the winner of over 200 editor's choice and 5 star awards

    cman said...

    It has a Comprehensive status gauge.

    dt said...

    i learned about the Internet Connection Repair

    MTgunfighter said...

    PCs need regular maintenance. If you don't maintain it you can suffer from errors, slowdowns, crashes and potential system faiures.

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

    kygirl said...

    I learned that it will locate and repair bad internet connections

    RILEKAT said...

    I learned that System Mechanic will unclog speed-robbing bottlenecks for up to 800% better startup speed.

    wendy wallach said...

    I learned it runs 200 tests at the same time!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

    wendy wallach said...

    I screwed up the task to follow via networked blogs; please substitute in the comment field my fb name of wendy wallach-zephier!

    kaush® said...

    sys mechanic is one of best software ever I used.

    Ericka said...

    I learned that Internet Connection Repair that Detects and repairs bad connections to get you online with the fastest, most reliable access possible. Woohoo

    ericka082 AT gmail DOT com

    esldiane@gmail.com said...

    They have all the features that I need for mantaining and optimimizing
    Diane Baum

    Ann said...

    200 tests at the same time!!..wow!!
    i'd love to win this!!
    make my old,slow computer perform better!!

    pauline15 said...

    I like that it will remove junk and clutter. It seems that this accumulates as soon as you start using your computer

    Hotsnotty2 said...

    I learned that it has over 36 million users


    ladyvon5845 said...

    System Mechanic is just what I was hoping for. My computer is so slow that I it's driving me crazy and because I am not that computer savy it's sounds right up my ally.

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