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Baby Log: 2 Years Old!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marlie turns 2 years old tomorrow! In honor of this magnificent occasion she had a splendid birthday party yesterday. She a lot of fun making stuffed zoo animals with her pals.
Two years signifies many things in the life of a child...
  • Switching her car seat to forward-facing. She likes not staring at the backseat. She also likes talking to me from the backseat like she is telling me how to drive. Funny.
  • Figuring things out like how to undo said car seat belt. Not funny.
  • Asking lots of questions: "where's daddy?" "what's that?" The "whys" have not started yet.
  • Making lots of excited exclamations...Whoa! Hey! Help!
  • Developing advanced tastes in books. The Cat in the Hat is a favorite. 
  • Putting away baby things. She's outgrown many baby items due to physical growth, but I also notice that she no longer wants anything to do with other things that are baby-ish. If I offer her an old toy, she go "no, baby!"
Sigh. She's still my baby whether she likes it or not.


Krissy said...

Awww happy birthday sweet Marlie girl! Wish we could have been there for your party! Hope it was lots of fun!

Teresha! Be lucky that Marlie is not to "why?" Yet. Jasmine is all about the why!? And wants answers too. She asked me why at lunch earlier and I told her I didn't know 3 times and she started crying! Lol. I didn't mean to laugh at her but it was sooooo funny! She also likes to ask me ,"what you doing mommy?" *sigh*

AudreyO said...

A very happy birthday to her. Twenty years from now, she's still going to be your baby...tell her that's just the way it is, once mama's baby, always mama's baby LOL.

Kimberly Grabinski said...

Happy Birthday Marlie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexia said...

Happy Birthday Marlie!! What a big sassy smart lite girl she is and will continue becoming! Can't wait to see some party pics!

jmt said...

:) Losing the babyness certainly puts mama and dada in tailspins more than it does baby. Congrats on the 2 year mark!

Maureensk said...

Happy Birthday Marlie! How did the cake toppers work out for you? Dora likes to direct from the backseat also, she tells us "turn left, turn left!" regardless of where we are.

Kim said...

That's interesting that she doesn't want anything to do with the baby toys. Deaglan is the opposite. If I happen to go to the basement to dig around in the storage for something age-appropriate for Naveen, Deaglan is all over it. Even when I tell him it's a baby toy.

I've heard this so often but I really see it in some of the particulars - how girls mature differently than boys.

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