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Spa for Ma Sponsor Spotlight: evaelena recycled jewelry & vintage shop

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do you know what is happening next Monday? Its the start of the Spa for Ma Giveaway Blog Hop Aug 18-31!

Tons of bloggers are lined up to offer giveaways valued at $100 minimum and you get to hop from blog to blog and enter them all! Marlie and Me has climbed aboard this giveaway train with some really cool prizes.

Meet first sponsor evaelena, an etsy shop specializing in recycled jewelry and vintage. Eva is the genius behind these incredibly artistic accessories. Oh, and she lives in Sydney, Australia. How cool is that?! Read more about her and her craft below.

Tell us a little bit about your business?
My business evaelena is a mix of jewelry that I upcycle from vintage objects, vintage spoons and old jewelry plus I sell a small range of what I consider interesting vintage items. I like things that are good design, beautifully crafted, interesting and unique or quirky and amusing from any era. This business is a joy and a realisation of my life long passion for vintage things and my need to make things.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I am an artist who works mainly in video and the inspiration for my jewelry came out of a big project I did a few years ago on the concept of place and belonging. This got me interested in souvenir spoons which led me to make jewelry out of them. After a while I was making so many pieces for friends that I decided to start a little shop on etsy, and it is growing from there!

What makes your products unique? 
I love to be different and each of my jewelry pieces are original and unique as they are made from vintage spoons and components. No two pieces are ever the same. I am a romantic and I love the idea of wearing unique pieces that come from different places and times. I do commissions and I make pieces that come from particular places that are important to the wearer and this makes them very special to wear.

What advice would you give women about finding time to pamper oneself?
I am a mother of three and have always had to juggle career and children and I know how important it is to find time for yourself. My advice is to take yourself and your needs seriously. It is very easy to get caught up with meeting everyone else's needs in the family. By putting some regular time aside per week - such as a yoga or gym class, a lunch with girlfriends, sitting in the sun in a park reading a nice book - whatever it is that recharges you should be scheduled in your busy week. This helps give you time out but also gives you an opportunity to be yourself for a while, rather than someone's wife or mother or daughter! Ultimately a little time out makes us better nurturers! Of course, buying yourself a little something special now and again is a treat that also confirms your unique identity!

Thanks Eva! How would you like to win a $30 voucher to spend at evaelena? Come back August 18-31 to enter the giveaway! Meanwhile, connect with evaelena on these social media:


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