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Spa for Ma Sponsor Spotlight: GreenTeaDAILY

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Do you know what is happening next Thursday? Its the start of the Spa for Ma Giveaway Blog Hop Aug 18-31!

Tons of bloggers are lined up to offer giveaways valued at $100 minimum and you get to hop from blog to blog and enter them all! Marlie and Me has climbed aboard this giveaway train with some really cool prizes.

My final sponsor is GreenTeaDAILY makers of the natural and healthy weight loss instant green tea supplement. Just pour into 12-16 ounces of cold water and enjoy! Read more about GreenTeaDAILY below.

Tell us a little bit about your business?
We have been selling high potency Green Tea for about 5 years now through retail locations in malls. We have sampled thousands of customers and educated them on the many different benefits of Green Tea. We have gotten popular however mainly for the weight loss benefits that Green Tea provides once you get enough of the specific anti-oxidants. Each of our single serving pixies contains about 450 mg of EGCG's and Polyphenols which is the equivalent to 45 cups of regular Green Tea per serving.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
At a young age I can remember wanting to get a job and work like the rest of my family so that I could make money. My sister made a comment to me saying that you don't want to work now because once you start you will be working the rest of your life. Didn't sound to appealing to me so I was always looking for something to make a living but that I would enjoy and not feel like work. I have learned that running your own business is a lot more work in the beginning of your own business, but the payoff and life lessons learned in the meantime seem to be more of worth.

What makes your products unique? 
I believe the method in which we deliver the Green Tea. We extract out many important Anti-Oxidants into a powdered supplement which allows you to reap the full benefits of Green Tea. What happens with other drinks that are in liquid form and sitting on shelves for months is they start to oxidize and you end up losing the benefits. With GreenTeaDAILY it is easy to carry around and put in a water bottle anytime throughout your busy day.

What advice would you give women about finding time to take care of and pamper oneself?
Women in my opinion can handle quite a bit in day to day life. They are nurturers. So naturally they deserve to be pampered. They need to take time out of their busy lives to focus on themselves every once in a while. Go to a spa relax at least once a month and find time throughout each day to do something you enjoy.

Thanks to the folks at GreenTeaDAILY a lucky reader is going to win a box of GreenTeaDAILY in a mix of five yummy flavors! Come back Aug 18-31 for the Spa for Ma blog hop to enter the giveaway! Meanwhile, connect with GreenTeaDAILY on these social media:


If you can't wait, you can buy GreenTeaDAILY with my referral link. Note: I will earn a commission with every purchase.


Kim said...

I like the sound of that green tea powder for weight loss. And the blog hop sounds awesome!

septembermom said...

Very cool Teresha. I love how she talks about women as nurturers needing some pampering. So so true. The blog hop will be fun!

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