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Baby Log: 1 Year and 44 Weeks Old

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Party planning for Marlie's birthday 2.0 is in full swing! I have booked the entertainment: Noah's Ark Fluff-n-Stuff Animal Workshop (they have a zoo animal package that matches the birthday theme perfectly!). I have ordered the invites and fondant cupcake toppers! I am so geeked!

What else happened this week:
  • We've tweaked Marlie's summer camp schedule to 8:30-11:30 am so that she is not cranky when I pick her up because she is hungry and tired. Now she comes home, eats lunch and goes down for nap by noon.
  • We went to the Aquarium at Fair Park. Marlie loves fishes and she gaga for turtles.
I have some updates on me too! I am reading like a criminal with a life sentence (bad joke?) since I started trading books on swap.com. So far, I've read Ann Patchett's The Magician's Assistant. She is a very lyrical author. I look forward to her getting my paws on her new book State of Wonder. I also read American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld, which is structured as a fictional memoir of a First Lady of the United States. It was overall an interesting read, but too bogged down in mundane details like the type of mattress the First Couple slept on.

Yesterday, I visited Indira Salon in Carrollton for my complimentary KeraGreen treatment and style for my upcoming review and giveaway. I was very nervous since it's been three years since I've had my hair professionally done. A big reason I have avoided salons is because of my hair loss. While I knew a hair stylist would be discreet, I didn't want other patrons staring.

I could not have felt more comfortable at Indira. As soon as I walked in, I was warmly greeted by Beth, the proprietor, which put me at ease. My hair magician Tishia was uber-cool and did an excellent job as you can see in the after photo. The entire experience was A+.

If you live in the Dallas area, come back tomorrow for my complete review of Indira Salon (with lots of before and after photos), plus the giveaway for a color, cut and full makeup at Indira...who will the luck lady be?


    Help! Mama Remote... said...

    Looks like mommy wants to par---tay!lol Sounds like its going to be so fun & can't wait to see pics.

    Good idea to change schedule. Lunch & naptime are so important.

    Your hair looks beautiful!!!!!They did a fabulous job!

    Krissy said...

    Jasmine has developed an irrational fear of lots of things. One of them being fish! She needs marlie to school her that fish are cool! Lol

    Aww I'm excited for marlie's party. I need to start planning what I want to do for october.

    I loveee your hair. It looks beautiful. I also loveeed your natural hair as well.

    Kimberly Grabinski said...

    Your hair looks great!!!!

    Theodora Ofosuhima said...

    What a great job :). I really like your new blog look.

    Dee said...

    Lovin the hair!!

    keyalus said...

    Nice how a small tweak makes a huge difference in attitude. Lewis is on that schedule at school and we maintain it on the weekends. When I don't keep to that schedule I always pay so I just consider myself unavailable from 11AM-3PM on the weekends.

    Love the new hair! Glad mommy got a chance to feel pretty. :)

    Lee-Ann said...

    Awww the party sounds cute! Make sure you post pictures. :)

    Maureensk said...

    Wow! I love the hair! You looked great before also! Just two different looks. Is Noah's Ark Fluff-n-Stuff Animal Workshop like Build a Bear? Do they come to your party? So are you going to make the cupcakes and then put the fondant on top???

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