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Baby Log: 1 Year and 41 Weeks Old

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I was wrapping my brain around the fact that Marlie is going to be two in 12 weeks. I was thinking about plans for her birthday party and how her turning two means no longer having to telling people she x months old (looking forward to that!). I was also wondering if I was going to have enough Marlie stuff to fill a weekly update on this blog. I thought there would be less to report since all the major milestones have passed. No more cooing over first steps or teeth coming in. All that's left of the baby months is potty training (although that could be a whole blog by itself). She will be a little girl soon and I'd have less new content to fill up this space. Was I ever wrong! Marlie has experienced just as many new things this week as she did when she was six or twelve months old. For example:
  • Marlie's hair is finally growing out. She now has a dope man fade (seriously!). I am fighting a losing battle with hair lint. Plus, I used to just run a comb through her wisps. That's not gonna cut it anymore. I have a low aptitude for hairstyling and she has zero patience with me trying. We are in trouble.
  • She's eating like a farmer's horse these days and my back is starting to feel it loading her in and out of the car seat. I would bet she's gained a pound in the last two weeks.
  • She is really a creature of habit. I can't do any of our morning or bedtime routines out of order. Otherwise, she'll remind me..."feed dog now" or "close door". The same goes for where things belong. If she sees her father's shoes by the front door, she'll pick them up and put them in the right place.
  • She has many quirks (like me). Her latest one is to take all the stickers off the produce. She hates those little stickers! She also has to point out the same bulge in the carpet on the staircase every time we pass it. Oh, and when I am getting her dressed, she insists I repeat every step on her dolly like comb her hair, put shoes on her, rub lotion on her (I just pretend on that last one because I'll be bent before I use my expensive organic lotion on a doll)
  • Marlie received her first bad report from school. She started hitting other kids this week. I even saw her do it at her school's party on Friday. Not cool. She's been hitting us too, which is doubly uncool. Her teachers say it's probably frustration since she is learning to talk and doesn't always have the words to communicate or feel heard. We are supposed to keep sending the message that it's unacceptable, use time outs, and redirect the negative behavior. Um, I'll let you know how that goes.
  • We went lots of places this week: we walked to our neighborhood's nature preserve and saw lots of butterflies, but had to cut the outing short because poison ivy was growing near the path. We met up with one of my sorority sister's family at the Ft. Worth Zoo. Marlie enjoyed seeing her beloved giraffes again, but it was scorching that day...96 degrees! We only walked a quarter of the zoo because of the heat. Thankfully, it was half price day and I didn't have to buy Marlie a ticket because she is under 2. Another benefit of being a baby will be miss.
  • As for me: I am working on a summer reading list. Oh, and I just joined the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop hosted by Just Married with Coupons, Matter of Cents and Money $aving Michele. The Giveaway Hop will take place July 25-31. So stay tuned!


Mama Up! said...

The Babby got into hitting right before a big language explosion, so there's hope! And she dropped the habit as out of the blue as she'd picked it up, which was good because I got really sick of those time outs.

Kim said...

The hitting has lasted a while around here. But I've read and read on it. I've talked to the daycare people. Everyone says the same thing. TODDLERHOOD. It's the only way they can express their frustration. We just do the systematic time out because we want him to know it's unacceptable. Still, it's hard not to wonder why we are so against spanking when he slaps the baby on the head.

Nubienne said...

The hitting thing will pass. As my daughter got older and more verbal we just encouraged her to tell us how she was feeling (happy, mad, sad, etc) but it is a terrible part of toddlerhood. just be consistent with the time outs and Marlie will be fine.

As for the birthday's, we celebrated the 1st and 2nd year at home with family and a few friends, but for Sydney's 3rd we went here:

we go often for playdates and classes so maybe you can find something similar?

keyalus said...

That hair thing is why I'm so glad I have a boy. I pray for a second son so I don't have to deal with it ever!

The hitting...sigh. I got smacked with my own phone yesterday! I almost miss the spazzing out tantrums because at least he wasn't hitting me then.

Quiana said...

I saw your comment on my blog about the mistaken gender and the hair issue. Yep, I feel you on the low aptitude bit! LOL! I favorited this You Tube channel for when Nia's hair finally grows out that you might find helpful too: http://www.youtube.com/user/GirlsLoveYourCurls

Maureensk said...

I just noticed you have 666 followers! Hopefully someone new will follow you real soon so you don't have that bad luck number any longer. :-) Yes, the language issue does cause frustration, which can lead to hitting, biting, scratching, and general unpleasantness. It's like their brains are more developed linguistically than their mouths - they know what they want to say, but can't say it.

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