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Baby Log: 1 Year and 42 Weeks Old

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Marlie was on break from school this week. This was also the week that I learned the Serenity Prayer by heart. I love this child to bits, but she will make you question your religion. I swear she has an advanced case of the terrible twos or maybe she is just possessed.

Case in point...she has become extraordinarily violent. I had to admonish her for hitting another child in the face at gymnastics on Thursday and grabbing another girl's hair. But that's not the worst of it. She grabbed a fistful of my hair as we were going upstairs! No amount of yelling at her to "LET GO!" did the trick. Have you ever tried to pry open a child's Kung Fu grip while bending over with your head cocked to the side?! I had no choice but to pop her hand. It sprung open and tears sprung from her eyes. Do I regret it? No, but I sincerely hope it's the last time I ever have to do that. Marlie is also very particular, which is cute as long as it doesn't give me a headache. She made a federal case in the middle of a store over finding dried mud on the bottom of her shoe. Seriously. I found a roll of paper towel and gave her a sheet to remove it. She actually sat there and cleaned off her shoe bottom. She's weirder than me!

It's not easy to keep a toddler occupied all day when you live in a city that has next to nothing going on for children under 3. I know Marlie was bored, but it's so hot here that I prefer we do indoor activities. Every Internet search for nearby activities came up empty.

We went to Whole Foods twice just to walk around and eat samples. We even went to the mall...that's how desperate we were to get out. There is a really nice turtle and duck pond at the mall. Marlie really enjoyed that. We did some shopping for birthday presents because every kid we know was born in the summer. I told someone it's because all the parents are humping like rabbits in the winter when you are forced to stay inside more often. Then all the mommies get pregnant and the babies arrive in the summer.

Marlie is at an age where she is interested the toys on the shelves and wants everything. We won't be going gift shopping together again any time soon. We also stopped by Carter's and scored some super cute tri-color metallic sandals for half off.

The goal this week was to get serious about the potty. The results were mixed. She still refuses to poop in the potty...she'll remove her diaper and sit and sit and sit and sit and nothing. Then she'll walk away and poop on the floor or poop in the pants/diaper five minutes later. I also realized this week that my aversion to the bathroom is counterproductive. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom when potty training your child. I hate the bathroom. I don't care if I just cleaned it. It makes my skin crawl to hang out there longer than I have to. I like to get in and get out. Marlie on the other hand will sit her naked bottom on the floor, climb on top of the toilet seat, open the toilet while it's flushing to wave bye-bye to her pee or poop...all of which is supremely gross to me. I'm not saying that we're quitting, we're just not going full speed ahead. All passengers are not on board yet.


Krissy said...

My apartment is set up in a way that I can't sit jasmines potty in the actual bathroom. Its way too small. I have to put her potty outside the bathroom and I think that's confusing to her. I'm not full speed ahead with the potty either. However, the bink, it must go. She talks too much and too well for her to use it. I try and limit it to bedtime but most times that's a huge #fail. She finds it and will scream when I take it from her. *sigh*.

Sorry to say my friend, that probably won't be marlies last hand pop. I threaten to spank jasmine but that's all I have to do most times. And other times every so often I actually have to follow through with a little swat :(

Lee-Ann said...

LOL at possessed, my kids have that same affliction it seems!

Kim said...

I am totally with you on the bathroom thing. Now that Deaglan is fully potty trained, we are stopping at every disgusting mall, grocery store and McDonald's bathroom. I don't know why I wanted him potty trained - this is a whole lot more creepy and gross for me.

I constantly wonder what kind of a child I gave birth to. These years of toddlerhood to preschooler-hood are CRAZY. All the hitting, biting, crying! Great post.

keyalus said...

I am wondering when the first swat is going to come for me too. The hitting is getting out of control when Lewis gets upset. I don't like it at all. It upsets me more when he deliberately disobeys me (with a huge smile too!). How many times do I have to say "Sit on your bottom" when he's halfway climbing out of the highchair before there are consequences?!?

I *heart* Carter's. I live near one and when they have half of clearance it is the best thing ever! I like the quality and I love the price. Their stuff is always overpriced in the regular stores.

Potty training? SMH. Lewis will pee on the pot pre-bath and go on to poop in the tub. He then has the nerve to scream and cry about the poop in the tub. I don't get it.

Maureensk said...

Sorry, I know it was a hard week for you, but geez your post cracked me up! Is she trying to poop in the little potty or the toilet? We had problems with our son who would not poop in the potty and would hold it all day until we put a night diaper on. The pediatrician finally clued us in that it is hard to poop if you don't have your feet firmly on the ground. Why they don't make step stool tall enough for kids to do this, is beyond me. Anyway, if her feet are dangling from the toilet, she may not be able to poop. I just ordered two potty seats that have steps attached, but they aren't perfect. I did find one perfect step tool, but it costs $129!!!!!!

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