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Stonyfield Yogurt Contests

Friday, May 6, 2011

Stonyfield is a brand best known for its delicious yogurt, but did you know that the company also provides a wealth of education on living organically? Right now Stonyfield is offering incentives to go organic. Whether you are a veteran of the organic movement or just joining, you can enter any of these contests to win some fabulous prizes. I am especially excited because a photo of Marlie and Me is featured in the web promo ad for Organic Family of the Year...next stop television!

Organic Moment
Whatever your reason for choosing organic, we want to hear it.
You may have a single organic moment — a love at first sight story — when organic mattered to you. Or maybe you’ve had a lot of little organic moments that add up to why you eat organic today. Maybe you’re still waiting on your moment.You could win a year of free organic groceries or a month of organic Stonyfield!
You could win a year of free organic groceries or a month of organic Stonyfield!

Organic Family of the Year Contest
How is organic a part of your family? Tell us and you could become the Stonyfield Organic Family of the Year (and win prizes too)!

Act Bolder's Just Eat Organic for a day challenge
Just eat organic for a day! 1-Watch the Just Eat Organic video 2-Be inspired to Just Eat Organic for one day and post your experience 3-Share the video with a friend and encourage them to Just Eat Organic too!
Reward:$1 off 32oz Yogurt; Top Action wins $200 gift card


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