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Baker Brothers Plumbing in Dallas is A+

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We have all heard plumber horror stories...a sweaty guy shows up at your door 3 hours late scratching his exposed butt crack and asking to use your bathroom.

It's enough to make you want to go DIY, but you don't want to chance it. There are professional plumbers out there who are reliable, courteous, and well-trained to fix your pipes. Trust me, I recently met one from Baker Brothers Plumbing of Dallas, Texas.

Two months ago, one of the sinks in our master bathroom started leaking and damaged the cabinet underneath. My husband had the good sense to turn the shut-off valve, but he never contacted a plumber. Don't household repairs fall under the husband's domain?

Anyway, I decided to take matters into my own hands and signed up for a service call with Baker Brothers Plumbing. The phone representative who scheduled the appointment was so sweet and helpful...thanks Tamara! She scheduled a technician for the same day. I also received a courtesy call when the plumber was en route.

plumberMike the plumber arrived on time and was dressed neatly. I showed him to the sink and he immediately got to work diagnosing the problem. He couldn't find a leak in the drain pipe, but he did not stop there. Mike splashed water around the rim of the sink and found spots on the particle board underneath. Bingo! He proceeded to reseal the grout around the sink and also replaced the two lines running to the faucets.

I would absolutely hire a plumber from Baker Brothers Plumbing again! A good plumber is like the perfect little, black dress...invaluable and irreplaceable.

You'll be glad to know that Baker Brothers Plumbing is also involved in our community. Baker Brothers Plumbing has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to install all of the plumbing for a Habitat house right here in our own Dallas community. Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity supporters can support this effort by liking the Baker Brothers Facebook page and telling them why you support Habitat for Humanity.

For every 10 new “likes” on the Baker Brothers Plumbing Facebook page between May 9th and May 18th, Baker Brothers Plumbing will donate one hour of service to Habitat for Humanity! You can also follow this good cause on Twitter
@BakerBrosPlmbg and @DallasHabitat.

I participated in this promotional campaign on behalf of Baker Brothers Plumbing through Business2Blogger


Kimberly Grabinski said...

I love getting good service from a local company!

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