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Baby Log: 1 Year and 39 Weeks Old

Sunday, May 22, 2011

There was lots to celebrate this week, including my birthday and the return of semi-sweet Marlie. I say semi-sweet because the real Marlie is still a handful, but she is not the nightmare that the alien impostor was. I hope my baby girl never gets switched by body snatchers again, but I know that is wishful thinking. This week also saw:
  • The arrival of Marlie's potty trainers. They are cute padded underwear called Potty Patty Pants. We did a dress rehearsal one day and realized there is a lot of practice and patience needed. The plan is to seriously start teaching the potty during the week she is on break from school. Fingers crossed!
  • The rescue of my desktop PC. It's over 8 years old and was so slow that I often wanted to punch it. Then I purchased one of those daily deals to get a PC tune-up and viral removal. I also bought some more RAM and got the dust cleaned out. It's humming and purring now, which is awesome because it needs to continue working until I can afford or win a laptop.
  • The end of my freelance writing gig. The site didn't have the revenue to keep paying writers. It sucks because I enjoyed it immensely, but at least I have a portfolio of articles and the experience. Plus, I now now that I am very good at it!


Help! Mama Remote... said...

I'm glad to hear semi sweet marlie is back. We'll take them semi sweet any day.

Maureensk said...

Wow, I can't believe Marlie is ready to potty train already! Miss V has zero interest in things, other than to comment on every single thing I do in the bathroom, including while we're in public restrooms. Yes, everyone around us gets a running commentary on my activities, actual and potential. She not only likes to check up on what is going on, but to ask very loudly if I've done this, this, or this. Needless to say, it is not one of my favorite phases.

Anonymous said...

Aww sweet marlie is back! Awesome!

I'm gonna start jasmine using her potty again. She likes to watch me use the restroom and comment on my pee pee so she can sit on her own.

You'll find another writing gig and with you're luck, you'll also win a laptop lol

Kim said...

Until we got our laptop, I was dealing with a dinosaur as well. WE just kept waiting and waiting for a good deal and thankfully found one. Hope your pc holds out! ANd you are a very good writer!

Mama Up! said...

Let me know how those potty things work out? We're still kind of not pushing the potty because the Babby hasn't shown a ton of interest. If she asks, we use the potty, but mostly she doesn't ask. I guess we'll start pushing it soon, but I want to wait until after our trip to Germany in July.

keyalus said...

What's potty training? I'm cleaning poop out of the tub every week SMH. After some interest Lewis completely ignores the potty now. Maybe I'll try a different one.

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