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Baby Log: 1 Year and 40 Weeks Old

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Things that Marlie and Me did this week:
  • She is such a cry baby and it is driving me nuts. It's sad to lead this week's update with that report, but it's gotten so bad that I worry about her. Crying is her default mechanism when she can't figure out something, when she drops food, when she's told "no", when she can't find a favorite toy...she dissolves into tears over just about anything. I don't want her growing up to be that character on "Seinfeld" who cries at the drop of a hat (she played Bette Midler's understudy and Jerry's girlfriend in the Rochelle, Rochelle episode). I don't think it's too soon to teach her some problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, but how?
  • She is definitely cutting those second year molars. Her fingers are permanently rubbing the back part of her gums. Allergies are also troubling her, all of which is probably making her extra cranky.
  • We are making steady progress on the potty front. She made two attempts at a bowel movement but freaked out each time at the sight of poop in the potty. She leaped up and screeched "ewwww! poop!" She wouldn't sit back down until the offensive turd was wiped away. Then the moment had passed. She is a pro at peeing in the potty, but pooping is apparently too gross.
  • We went to visit a friend and her new baby girl on Friday. Marlie was so smitten with the infant (despite the look on her face in the photo). I think she would love to have a little brother or sister. No, I'm not hinting at anything...just saying Marlie would make a great Big Sis some day. She was so sweet with the little baby. It made my heart melt and my womb do a cartwheel.
  • We piled in the car for a 10 am birthday party on Saturday. I have to give these parents props for a genius party idea for their 2-year-old son. All the kids had a blast and the parents did too. Don't worry I am going to share on Wednesday with photos, so come back and see pictures of the best child's birthday party that we've been to!


SE'LAH... said...

oh girl, i think it's just a phase (at least for that i pray). stay strong. and exhale.

one love.

Kim said...

Honestly I do remember this phase with Deaglan. It will pass. Then she may turn into a hellion like my son. Then you'll just be wishing she was crying. Because you will be. I still haven't done a birthday party party. They've all been family parties. This year when Deaglan turns four, I'm going to have to.

Kimberly Grabinski said...

My niece recently went through the crying phase, in fact, she still does it for my sister, but not for me anymore (I watch her 4 days a week 8-8). I don't respond to crying unless they get hurt so she has learned with me to react differently.
My daughter brings a magnadoodle to the couch and begins to draw. My niece cries because she wants to draw
with my sister - she CRIES and my sister goes to get her another magnadoodle from where we keep them in Abby's room. So she continues to cry to get my sister to do stuff for her.
with me - I tell her "you know where the drawing boards are, go get one" So now with me she simply says "i want a drawing board" and I say "go get one" and she runs off happily. No more crying.
They all go through it I think, it's all in how we react to it that determines how long it sticks around.

The Redhead Riter said...

"It made my heart melt and my womb do a cartwheel."

I love this sentence!!! I felt it throughout my whole body. I have felt exactly the same way.

Maureensk said...

That photo is just too precious! Those molars just suck. I don't remember them being so bad with my other kids, but Miss V has been a stinker the whole time that she has been cutting them. Sorry to hear that Marlie is crying so much, but had to laugh about the poop in the potty business!

keyalus said...

Boys can be crybabies too! Lewis starts up with the hitch in his voice at the slightest frustration or reprimand.

Fear of the poop is funny. Lewis will crap in the tub and play on but let a piece of hair or small piece of lint be in there and he goes nuts. I give up - I must be the crazy one...not the toddler!

septembermom said...

Teething is so tough. I remember that phase all too well. Wishing you the best of luck through all of this.

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