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Let the Insanity Begin! Week Two Results

Saturday, February 12, 2011

On Super Bowl Sunday I decide to chow down on BBQ and a gluten-free cupcake because Damon was at the actual game and I was, you know, feeling sorry for myself and wanted to eat my emotions. Bad move. Monday morning's workout was hellish. My body had diverted its energy supply to digesting beef brisket. I was sluggish and burping barbecue sauce throughout the entire workout. The moral of the story: DO NOT consume a meat plate at night and then attempt to do Insanity the next morning.

This incident also reminded me that I need to step up my eating regimen. I was already eating five small, healthy meals thanks to a total lifestyle change five years ago. My problem is those extra calories I've been consuming on the sly. Example: eating the crust I just cut off Marlie's almond butter-and-jelly sandwich. I hate to waste food, but eating her leftovers is adding poundage to my (fl)abs. So this week I am redoubling my focus on portion control.

Today was our second fit test. I made progress on most of the exercises:

43 switch kicks
50 power jacks
85 power knees
35 power jumps
10 globe jumps
12 suicide jumps
12 push up jacks
36 low plank obliques


Stesha said...

What is Insanity? A workout dvd? Is it harder than The 30 Day Shred?

Hugs and Mocha,

Mrs. K said...

Keep up the good work lady. And I totally have experienced the awful feeling of eating a large meal before the insanity workouts. Wasn't nice. Anyway, I'll be starting P90X soon and I'm looking forward to it too. :)

always4evamoi said...

i saw the video/ad for insanity, and giiirrrllll, i give you props for doing it. it IS truly insane. hope your reach your desired goal soon. keep up the great work.

Alexia said...

Wow girl, your stomach is ridiculous!! You look so good already that I can't wait to see this weekly progress. Keeping me motivated over here...

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