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Dream Real Estate

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is owning vacation property one of your goals in life? It is one of my dreams that I hope to fulfill before I retire. I would love to purchase a summer home on Hawaii. Imagine waking up every day to the sight of the jewel-toned ocean and pearlescent beaches as far as the eye can see!

I would definitely be in the market for a place in an exotic locale, maybe even outside the U.S. I could see our family living abroad a few months out of the year. A couple of years ago, we visited the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. I didn't want to leave. Just thinking about that place makes me want to cash in my 401k and hop on a plane!

As you can tell, I have big plans for our dream second home, but I am also practical. I could summer in the Hamptons in a pied-a-terre near the harbor and be perfectly happy!



Kim said...

I honestly don't have that dream. But I would love to own one of those big RVs and travel with my family all over Canada and the US.

Mama Up! said...

My mom is all about buying and building in Costa Rica. As soon as she paid off one property and built a house on it, she bought more land! I'm like, hey mom, I have some wonderful coastal property you can invest in right here in the U.S. but she wasn't interested... because she's already seen my house ;-)

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