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Baby Log: 1 Year and 26 Weeks Old

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This week I memorized the phone number for poison control because Marlie was hell bent on getting her stomach pumped. Thankfully, it never came to that even after she ate dog food, Tiger Balm, and one of those silicon gel packet from a shoe box.

Marlie turns 18 months on Tuesday. Suddenly, she is a toddler with her won likes and dislikes and she's not afraid to tell you. She is learning words so fast and her vocabulary seems to have exploded overnight. I started a list of words she knows:

b-ball, bye, book, box
d-dog, daddy, duck, door, doll
e-egg, ew, eat
f-fish, food, feet
g-get, good, go
h-hi, hat, hot
j,k, l-
m-mommy, move, milk, mine
n-nanny, night-night, no, nice
o-ow, outside
s-sit, shoe, sock, soup, sweep, shut-up, snack
u-uh-oh, up
w-water, wash
x, y, z-yay

Oh, and just because she cannot say a word yet doesn't mean she doesn't know what it means. It's gotten to the point where we have to spell words like car so she doesn't get the idea that she's going somewhere. If she overhears us talking about anything outside she gets excited and starts looking for her shoes and hat.

Marlie's understanding of concepts is equally impressive. She knows that her daddy goes to work it the morning so she is ready to kiss him and tell him bye, but she also applies this to other things that go away. She waves and says bye-bye to her poo being flushed and to water going down the drain. She also knows that we workout in the morning so she gets our sneakers out of the closet for us.

She definitely has developed some toddler quirks like wanting the same book read five times in a row and wanting certain foods prepared a specific way.

I won a couple of giveaways this week: a suncathcher from Momvantge in the Handmade with Love Blog Hop and a ISOKI diaper bag and Gund toys from Just a Mom's take on Things.

Speaking of giveaways, I'm one of 8 blogs participating in Mommygaga's Share a Little Love Blog Follow Tour. If you already follow Marlie and Me, that's one entry for a chance to win $100 cold, hard cash! The contest closes on February 18... hurry!


Kimberly Grabinski said...

Those little packets in shoe boxes and such SCARE ME. I'm glad she's ok.

Even now, at 3, Abby puts stiff in her mouth every once in awhile.

Scary stuff...

Anonymous said...

Good lord I'm glad little Marlie didn't get sick.

That talking stuff is something else. I frequently tell jasmine to hush because she talks so much and most times about nothing. Oh and loudly! Lol

She called me by my 1st name yesterday because everyone else was. smh

keyalus said...

Thank goodness Marlie is OK!

So glad to see Lewis isn't the only one who can say "No" but not "Yes" LOL! The answer most questions directed towards him is a very serious "No" or else some signing. At least he realizes I'm asking him a question!

Maureensk said...

Dog food and Tiger balm, yech! I guess I have been lucky with that, my kids haven't eaten too many weird things. I did have to call poison control once when my son ate some nail polish. I also had to take my middle daughter to the ER when she ate a paperclip. They had to track the paperclip to make sure it didn't hook on anything. Still, for five kids, I think that is pretty good. Of course, last night, Little Miss put an ENTIRE roll of TP into the toilet and then proceeded to play with it. I didn't know that she had done this, so didn't know why her hands were wet when she gave me a hug...um, yeah...you get the picture.

The Redhead Riter said...

I was just thinking...you are going to be so glad that you have put this information on the blog. When she turns 18, you will have a priceless amount of information on your blog.

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