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Review: BrytonPick Floss

Sunday, November 28, 2010

BrytonPick Floss ReviewI am a stickler for oral hygiene, which showed at my dentist appointment a few weeks ago when Dr. Robinson declared that I had "a beautiful set of virgin teeth." I brush and floss religiously and avoid caffeinated and acidic beverages. I plan to die with my own cavity-free teeth intact, thank you very much.

When I heard about the BrytonPick interdental cleaner, I jumped at the chance to review a free sample. I gave the other sample to my husband to try.

BrytonPick is made of super-thin stainless steel wrapped in a plastic holder. The edges are rounded and blunt to reduce the risk of injuring gums, teeth and dental work. Each one is resusable up to 30 days. This video demonstrate how to use a BrytonPick:

So what is it like to floss with a BrytonPick?...
  • The sensation of metal passing between your teeth feels a little weird at first, but then you get used to it.
  • It makes flossing faster and more thorough, especially when cleaning between the back teeth
  • My husband noted that he couldn't use the BrytonPick in areas where his teeth where too close together, so he had to use string floss on these teeth.
Each BrytonPick comes in its own handy carrying case for portability, but I wish the case had a press-and-seal closure because my BrytonPick fell out of the case and onto the ground when I took it out of my wallet. That is my one suggestion for improving this innovative dental product.

If you are a tooth-fanatic like me, then you would benefit from adding the BrytonPick to your daily oral care routine.

You can purchase a 3-pack trial promo of BrytonPick for $4.99 + free shipping and handling at the BrytonPick online store.


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