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Baby Log: 1 Year and 14 Weeks Old

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Damon and I went to see Harry Potter #7 at the movie theater yesterday. It was an exhilarating, thrilling and captivating from start to finish. The DARKEST of all the Potter movies so far. I was feeling a bit down afterward knowing that this was the next to last film. Marlie was on a play date in case you are wondering were she was. I can take a hint. You came to see what she's been up to, not to hear about her parents giddy excitement about Harry Potter movies....
  • Marlie celebrated 15 months this week. I just realized that our birthdays are numerical mirrors. Her birthday 8-15 written backwards is my birthday 5-18. There is a deep symbolic meaning in this for me.
  • Her new favorite foods this week are: roasted chickpeas, almonds (she has enough teeth to bite and chew them!) and green smoothies (yay!)
  • She is talking up a storm! Even her Montessori teachers have noticed the sudden increase in her vocabulary, which now includes outside, ma nana (banana), up, mine and fish
  • Her newest skill is unscrewing twist-on caps...toothpaste tubes, jars, pill bottles. We have to put everything away and out of her reach
  • Her latest discovery is, um...her lady bits (to put it delicately). After she disrobes, she will sit on the floor spread eagle and peer down there. It's quite a spectacle.


Carol E Wyer said...

Thank you for the great comment you left me...I was, as they say, stoked (very pleased)
I am REALLY jealous you saw the Harry Potter film. I want to see it.I'll have to go and sit in the cinema on my own cos Hubby won't come and Son says he'll come with me if i sit in a different row to him.
My son's birthday numbers and my birthday numbers add up to the same.....and he was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon as was his father....weird isn't it?

Alexia said...

Soooo jealous you got to see the movie already! I have to wait until next week when Michael can watch Cedella and I can go by myself. Can't wait!

Yay for her vocab! It must be so great to watch her learning about all the things around her. Ma nana is too cute ; )

Lady bits...I'm lmao over here!!

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Abby is just going to be three and only recently really discovered her "lady bits".

I am so behind on the harry Potter series...I think it's intentional, I want to wait til my son is old enough so I have someone to go with. DH is not a fan.

NENSA MOON said...

Hi Teresha,
I love harry Potter too... but I prefer to watch at home on dvdplayer..

Its great for mom to see her daughter grown up day by day... It must be awsome to see Marlie say 'Ma nana' haha... what so cute!

all the best,

Mama Up! said...

Oh, man, you got to see a movie in the theatre? Color me jealous! Let's just say that the last two films I saw were activism-focused and they were early showings so the popcorn machines weren't on!

Pretty funny about the ladybits. The Babby still hasn't really shown any interest. Well, not in hers. We're not all that careful about nudity yet, and she has asked what the BabbyDaddy's stuff is. Awkward, at least for me. He was just all "That's how papas make peeps" which is as good an answer as any.

Maureensk said...

I'm way behind on the Harry Potter movies. Kiddo #4 found them to be too scary, so I always stayed home while DH took the other three to see them. They may all go see this one on Thanksgiving. Wow, she's learned to open screw tops kind of early! Fun, huh? :-)

The Redhead Riter said...

"Her birthday 8-15 written backwards is my birthday 5-18."

You know that I think that is just too cool! How about the times you were born...any cool combinations?

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