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The Kids' Log: September 30-October 6, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Everyone is over their colds, yay! Except for Damon and he's being such a baby about it.

I played single parent yet another week and I am so over it. Damon better not set foot outside of our city limits for a looooong time. Monday-Tuesday, he went to Monterey for a staff retreat. We tagged along, but we did not spend time with him the entire trip. We did get to hang out with another mom and her two lovely daughters so at least we were not alone. Marlie did enjoy playing with the girls, but I think she missed her daddy more. Then he was off to NYC for the rest of the week. He has lots of making up to do with her .

He has lots of making up to do with me too for that matter. In addition to handling the kiddos by myself, I had to do all the "man chores" too like taking out the garbage and killing the unholy-sized bugs that keep coming in the house. There was the giant spider over the bed and the fly the size of a school bus that splattered like a grape when I swatted it. ick.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 7 Weeks Old
Marlie did better with her daddy's absence this week. Maybe it's because she had tons of play dates to distract her.

She had her first taste of McDonald's in Monterey (when in Rome). She didn't like the burger, but she gobbled up the fries. All I could think of was that Spurlock movie demonstration where the fast food fries never decomposed. double ick.

The sass is full effect now. When I tell her to do something she doesn't want to do, I get: "but mooooooom." And she's started kissing her teeth (she might have picked that up from me). She has an answer for everything (she gets that from her daddy), which amounts to a lot of back talking. She so good at arguing already, maybe she'll be a lawyer.

Baby Log: 25 Weeks Old
I took Desmond to his 6-month wellness check-up. He sat up straight for the pediatrician and crawled all over her office. He's almost 18 lbs now which means he already weighs more than Marlie did when she was twice his age. He's going to lap her, LOL! He had a few eczema patches around his navel that wouldn't clear up and the doctor noticed he was wearing jeans with nickel-plated snaps. Bingo! So no more wearing the fashionable Rocca Wear jeans that grandma bought him.

His personality is starting to come out. He is still Mr. Smiley, but that will quickly turn into a frown if you cross him. Just ask the doctor who gave him his shots. I swear he cut his eye at her when she tried to coochie-coo him afterward. He is ridiculously strong and will buck, kick, and throw elbows in protest. He is a fighter. I can tell he is going to be a little mischief-maker too.


Anonymous said...

I'm always glad to read these. sounds like everyone is doing well.

Jas has an answer for everything too. I tell her, "Jas, just say ok. you don't always have to have the last word." Smh. trying to correct this early.

I'm allergic to anything that isn't gold so I feel Desmonds pain.

Maureensk said...

Glad you're all back to health. Sorry that Damon was out of town. That is funny that Desmond is so much bigger than Marlie was. My kids all varied in size so much, it was really weird. I couldn't pass clothes down at all, because what fit my eldest daughter, who had a larger frame, would fall off my #2 daughter. Same went for my boys. Of course, I didn't save things for 15 years, so Dora has gotten all new clothes.

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