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The Kids' Log: October 14-20, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My mother-in-law was discharged from the hospital on Friday evening and is now at a rehab facility recuperating. Thanks to all who have been praying and sending positive energy her way!

This whole week has been off, but we still managed to get some stuff done. Damon and I hiked the Batteries to Bluffs Trail in San Francisco on Sunday as a belated birthday outing (the kids were with the babysitter). The day before, I power-walked 10 miles with my marathon training group. Needless to say my gluts were screaming mercy on Monday! I unpacked the last of the moving boxes on Friday and then I cracked open the HAAN multi steam cleaner I won earlier in the summer and the dang thing shut off before the water finished heating and it won't come back on! My first order of business on Monday is to call customer service.

I am looking forward to Halloween and my little ones first Trick or Treat together. Of course they are wearing themed costumes, but I'm not revealing what they are until next week. You are welcome to guess though!

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 9 Weeks Old
I have a new nickname for my inquisitive Marlie. She will henceforth be known as the Inch High Private Eye. Nothing escapes her. She wants to know where you are going, what you were doing, who you are talking to on the phone. If her daddy and me were running a criminal empire out of our home, we'd be in trouble because Detective Marlie would be on the case!

I was scrolling through my Facebook album of her baby photos and I cannot wrap my brain and how big she is now, how much she already knows and is learning every day. This week she asked me if she could drive the car and when I asked her why, she said because she could go faster. That's my little joker.

Baby Log: 27 Weeks Old
Desmond doesn't want to be a baby anymore and I am so sad about it. He started to pull himself up to standing this week and his baby coos are now run-on babbles. He says da da da a lot, which Damon claims is his way of saying daddy. Um. Okay.

He also wants to feed himself, his favorite is frozen mango chunks in his baby feeder. I tried turkey and apples and he wasn't a fan. I remember Marlie didn't like meat until she was almost two so I am not sweating it. I am pureeing brown rice and red lentils and hope he likes it because little man needs his iron! He wants to crawl all over the house undisturbed. Don't try to pick him up when he's on one of his crawling sprees. He has a mind of his own and is not afraid to show his displeasure.


Mrs. Pancakes said...

sorry to hear about your mother in law! glad she is doing well! and i love that Marlie into everything...she sounds like the best kind of little girl...inquisitive, fun and sassy:-)

Alexia said...

Thankful your MIL is doing ok. Prayers are powerful indeed.

Inch High Private Eye is killing me!! I'm hoping that she is a detective for Halloween! But whatever the costume theme I know you will NOT disappoint, you always have it all together with the costumes.

And why oh why do these babies want to grow up so fast? Isora is into EVERYTHING, crawling, pulling up, babbling and eating us out of house and home. And wearing all the 12 month clothes. It's going so fast. So sad :(

Maureensk said...

I'm glad your MIL was released from the hospital. I hope the rest of her recovery goes well. Sounds like you're doing some major workouts! It's hard with the youngest, when they hit milestones, you're proud and happy, but sad at the same time...

Anonymous said...

So good to hear that your MIL was released, and is doing well. Keeping her in my prayers.

Desmond seems to be getting bigger faster. Each milestone is amazing and yet sad at the same time.

Quiana said...

Glad to hear your mother is doing better. I will continue to keep her in my prayers. About Marlie's little joke that is pretty funny! Can't wait to see picture of them in their costumes =)

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