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The KIds' Log October 21-27, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How was your week? Mine was chock full of happenings...

First off, I voted! My ballot was three pages long thanks to 10 state props and 3 local measures plus the usual slate of state and local offices to fill. But voting for POTUS is the one that matters most, so I took my sweet time filling in that arrow and making it perfect. I am lucky to live in a state that really encourages voting (unlike Texas). I was able to register before I had my license (which came in the mail early this week!) and request a ballot by mail. I am glad I did not wait to got to the polls because it took me 2 hours to read each proposition and measure then consult my trusty resources for endorsements before I made my picks. If early voting has started in your area, please go vote!

The Trick or Treating started yesterday with a trip to Fairyland for their Monster Parade and, yes, candy! It continues today with a block party in the adjacent community and then our community has a merchant trick or treat on the 31st. You will have to come back on Wednesday for pictures!`I promise their cuteness is worth the wait.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 10 Weeks Old
Marlie has been asking is it Halloween yet? all. week. long. When I told her not yet, she just wanted to know why not. Driving through the neighborhood was torture because she'd see Halloween decorations on houses and then the questions would commence...Mommy, are those for Halloween? Is it time to dress up in costumes and go Trick or Treat? I have to say it's cute to see her so excited.

For all the things this girl gives me grief about, I am so lucky that eating healthy is not one of them. This week she ate Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and drank the vegetable juice (carrots, kale, beets and pineapple) that her daddy made. That's my girl!

I picked up a baby buggy at a neighbor's yard sale and Marlie has been taking her doll baby for walks around the block while I carry Desmond in the Boba. It's become our favorite activity to do together. She'll say, "Let's go walk our babies, mommy!"

Baby Log: 28 Weeks Old
I am learning that Desmond is just a fancy name for Devil. He is trouble, y'all! I cannot take my eyes off him for one second. He ripped up my Entertainment Weekly before I finished reading it (my bad for leaving it on the sofa). He kicked his bowl of food over in a fit (our bad for not having a high chair). He knocked my glass of water out of my hand (my bad for trying to drink while holding him). He gave me a black eye by sucking on my eyelid (okay it's really a hickey, but it bruised the area around my eye black and blue). I have a nice long scratch on my left cheek because he likes to claw your face like Wolverine (my bad for not clipping his nails more often). And all that was just this week!

He is getting so heavy! I am kind of hoping he does walk soon because I my arms are tired from carrying him. We hit the jackpot on the baby food making! He loves, loves, loves red lentils with brown rice for dinner. For breakfast he likes Greek yogurt with mashed banana and a dash of ground cinnamon. He is also using a sippy cup and Big Sister likes to help him hold it.


Maureensk said...

Can you believe that I have never voted at the polls in my entire life!?!? My dad was an international pilot, so was rarely home on Election Day, so he taught me about absentee ballots as soon as I turned 18. So I've always voted mail in. Sorry that Desmond is being such a handful. I'm surprised that you didn't take the blame for the black eye also. I mean, it really was your fault, having an eyelid and all, what were you thinking?!?! :-)

Unknown said...

Great update. Busy busy your kids are. Is the veggie juice mixed all into one drink? What type of jucier do you use?

Unknown said...

@Maureen: I know I shouldn't have let him suck on my eyelid, LOL!

@BertaD: The veggie were all mixed into one drink. We have a Breville Juice Fountain

Krissy said...

Jas is excited about Halloween too this year.

you better stay on your toes with that baby lol. you know when they get mobile the game is over lol

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

My 10 month old is the same way ripping up everything before I even know what it is! haha, I need to baby proof some more! They are too cute!

Mama Up! said...

Just checking in to say hi! I need to make sure to hit all your logs now so I know what I'm in for with a big sister and a little brother in the house!

keyalus said...

Desmond is turning into such a big handsome boy!

Your kids eat so well! I fear that I've ruined Lewis (so so picky), but I can do better next time.

Help! Mama Remote... said...

So that's why people are waiting in line so long. For some reason I don't trust early voting. One moment I'm tempted to try it and then I decide to wait again.

Kim said...

You are lucky she's a good eater. It is a constant struggle for me to try and figure ways to get healthy stuff into them. If he's the devil, then send me straight to hell:)

Quiana said...

Oh wow Desmond is a busy little boy! I noticed how when my brother joined my family vs. my sisters (he's the only boy and youngest of 4) I noticed out the gate he was full of energy and my mom confirmed boys definitely keep moms on their toes! Love the sippy cup pic too.

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