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The Kids' Log: September 16-22, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life is good. It really is. I was watching a pair of squirrels play in the street without a care in the world except forging for food and dodging cars and I told myself to take a cue from them. I am going to make more of an effort to focus on what really matters and not sweat the small stuff. I didn't even freak out when a huge spider used me as a ladder to climb down to the floor. I did stomp the living daylights out of him but I didn't jump around and scream like a little girl. I still love nature, I just prefer it to live outside my home. There is a huge green grasshopper living in Marlie's room and he's lucky I am scare of him.

I have high-speed Internet again and it's been wonderful to be able to blog hop and enter giveaways again! I am also reading Facebook posts and lo and behold my estranged father has sent me a friend request. His profile pic is a photo swiped from my album (given to him by another relative on FB). I'm not sure what to do. I haven't seen his 17 years and I last spoke to him on the phone when I attended my grandmother's funeral in 2005. It was not a pleasant conversation. He has a way of trying to talk to me like we are  just each other last week that really gets under my skin. It never goes well because I call him on his BS and then he gets belligerent. I asked myself if I haven't confirmed his friend request out of spite, but I think it has more to do with protecting my babies. I don't think he has any right to lay claims to grandkids when he didn't take care of the kid. Am I right?

In case you are wondering the marathon training is going well. I am up to 7.5 miles! I just need to replicate that distance three more times and I will be a marathoner.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 5 Weeks Old
Miss, Missy, Miss got her hair down yesterday it purdy two-strand twists. No, I did not do them. I have reached the end of the road with my limited skills hair styling skills which consist of picking out an afro, drop curls, flat twists and bantu knots. So I called in a pro and not a moment too soon because she scratched out a nice chunk of her hair at the nape of her neck leaving a dime-sized bald spot.

This kid is just too much. Always exploring. Always questioning and answering. Always on. She has this way of responding to my yes/no questions that makes me smile. I'll ask, "Marlie, do you want a snack?" and she'll answer, "um, sure!" Not yes, not okay, but um, sure! And she says it in her cute little girlie voice.

Her conversations are starting to evolve beyond just why this and why that, especially when I ask her what she thinks. Our talks can get pretty interesting like when she spotted a blimp in the sky and then asked me where it was going with the people and could we catch it. She is also starting to make up stories and tell tales (lie). Who hurt the worm Marlie? The spider did it.

She is growing way too fast. She'll be asking to borrow the car next. Actually, this week she asked me if she can drive when she is bigger. Sheesh.

Baby Log: 23 Weeks Old
Boyfriend is still teething hard. He is like a puppy gnawing and slobbering on everything! I caught him gumming the wooden feet on the couch. He is restless and crying all the time and just miserable. He also gets violent when he is irritated. I lost count of how many times I have been bitten, pinched, smacked, kicked, and headbutted.  I feel like I am in the ring at a WWE event! I was commenting to someone that Marlie didn't have it this rough, but then I remembered she had the amber teething necklace. You know I went on a hunt for that thing and came up empty. It will probably be in the last box we unpack. Sigh. 

In happy news, I cracked open the Baby Brezza my grandma gave me and officially kicked off the homemade baby food spree. Our first recipe was pears and avocados. He enjoyed it and Marlie got to feed him. But I think he's waiting for meat. Next week...liver and sweet potatoes!


Maureensk said...

That is a toughy about your father. All I can think of is will anybody in your family benefit from you having contact with him. If the answer is "no", he's the only one who will benefit from you being "friends" with him, then tough tamales for him. If you felt like he was doing his best, even though his best was pretty lame, it'd be one thing... The fact that he photoswiped a picture from you sounds like he is all about taking from you and no giving.... It is situations like this that make me wish Facebook didn't exist. I've had some people come back into my life, where it has dredged up some hold hurts (some of my doing, some of other people's). I think it's just not natural to stay in touch with every single person you ever become acquaintances with. I've hidden almost everyone's stream, because it was too much to go through. Big spiders freak me out, especially as I can never tell if their poisonous or not. In San Diego, we just had black widows, which are pretty easy to identify. Up here there are several types that look very much alike and range from harmless to deadly. Ouch about Desmond's abuse of you - especially the head banging!

Anonymous said...

About your father, right now, I'd say no. I don't see the point of it if you guys can't even converse. maybe things will change later but your comfort is what's important.

marlie looks more and more like Damon every time I see a new picture. she's getting so big. when we finally get to visit I'll braid her hair for you. Jas is a story teller too. she can make up a story like nobodies business. the lying has to stop though. I don't even know why it started.

poor teething baby. find him that necklace stat!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

These are always awesome to read! Can't believe how big they are getting and it looks like Marlie is the best sister ever! Wow that's amazing your dad contacted you...since he hasn't been around I don't think he has any rights...Yaah for the marathon training...isn't it an amazing feeling!!

Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

Oh those babies are beautiful! I'm good with most bugs when they are not in my house. I live in AZ, and they get CREEPY! I'm going to share on your pops situation. My father and I were estranged from when I was 18 to 37. I reached out after being disowned when I gave birth to my son. It was pointless. At 37, my step mom reached out to me. About a year later my dad and I reconnected. My dad and I will probably never have the relationship we would have had if he had not disowned me, but I no longer have the pain in my heart that I once did. He didn't have the best family life either (his parents had disowned him when he was around 20). I had to break the cycle for me and my son, but it took a long time, and I'm sure it isn't over. :) You do what you need to do for you.

Mama Up! said...

I have a few friends with kids and estranged parents who try to initiate contact - they've all had the same feelings and questions. Personally, if I was in your shoes, I think I would stay away just to protect my kids from someone I know from experience isn't going to nurture them or treat them right. But I'm not in your shoes! You just need to do what feels right for you. Will reconnecting with your father enhance your life or make it more stressful?

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