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Review: The Ultimate Yogi

Monday, September 17, 2012

I think I've mentioned that I am training to walk the Oakland Marathon in March. I'm doing it in part to lose the pregnancy weight, but also to cross an item off my bucket list (complete a marathon). 

I am quickly learning that training to walk a long distance race is just as challenging as training to run it. I have already suffered two minor injuries (a sprain in my lower back and a hamstring pull). I saw a massage therapist who diagnosed the problem as a lack of proper stretching. My husband Damon suggested that I do yoga for the pain and to prevent future problems. In the back of my mind I knew he was right, but I resisted because with the little time I have to train I felt I should be doing Insanity or P90X to build strength and endurance.

Then I saw an opportunity to try The Ultimate Yogi and signed up for the both of us since he is really into yoga. Developed by yoga teacher Travis Eliot, The Ulitmate Yogi is a 108-day whole-lifestyle transformation. Everything you need is contained in a boxed DVD set that includes 12 yoga classes on discs, a training guide, a program calendar, nutrition plan and a short instructional video that demonstrates several key poses. You will have purchase some accessories like a yoga mat, block, and rug if you don't already have these.

For a busy mom like me it's important that I know how long any exercise class is so I can budget that time and plan accordingly. It was weird not to find this information written anywhere on The Ultimate Yogi DVDs or in the program guide. Maybe this part of the plan to free the mind, but I don't have a lot of free time and this information would be helpful. That being said, the program is feasible for moms (and dads). I schedule my workouts during nap time.

CrossTrain is the first workout in the program (it is around 1 hour and 5 minutes long, plus of 18 minutes of HardCORE and 10 minutes of meditation=roughly 1.5 hours total workout time for Day 1). I must say Travis is an excellent teacher (and easy on the eyes). Instead of showing off his skills he uses his reassuring voice to walk you through each pose and he paces the classroom correcting students so that you can learn proper form. 

doing ultimate yogiAbout 15 minutes in we started to feel the burn, sweat, and breath harder. Damon and I disagree on whether you  need prior yoga experience to do this workout. I say you should be able to pick it up relatively quickly, but always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise regimen. We both agreed that it is an ultimate workout. I will be ready to power walk that marathon after using The Ulimtate Yogi!

What I really like about The Ultimate Yogi is that it combines the gentle elements of traditional yoga like deep stretching, breathing, and meditation with the physical intensity of a beach body workout. Each day of the program is designed to put your mind, body and spirit through boot camp. This is not your mother's yoga!

UY108 the Future of YOGA!

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Brittney Minor said...

I would love to try something like this! Good luck training!

Kim said...

I love that Damon does yoga! Shaune could really use it. I find that my weight lifting classes (bodypump) really help me with not getting injuries from running. You're on the right track for sure.

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