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Netflix Offers Up Cutely-Named Counterfeit Cartoons

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I love me some Netflix. I do. But the animated children's movie category of their instant streaming service doesn't have the most popular selections thanks to licensing limitations (read: no Disney stuff). So they've taken a page from the designer shoe and handbag playbook. If you can't get the real deal, buy the knockoffs.

Case in point...your kid wants to watch Kung Fu Panda. Netflix has the next best thing, Chop Kick Panda!

No Happy Feet in the Watch Instantly library? No problem! Try Tappy Toes instead.

Why cry over the absence of The Princess and the Frog when they have The Frog Prince?

Rango is a very popular family movie and it is actually one of the few available on Netflix, but it might disappear. When that happens, there is always Oscar's Oasis!


Maureensk said...

Okay, so I am totally embarrassed to admit this, but what we like to watch on Netflix is My Little Pony. I know way too much about My Little Pony (like I even know who some of the background characters are and what episodes they are in). This is not because I am a Brony (don't even ask what "Brony" means), but because I have been sucked into it by the Little Miss. We also watch Caillou, Martha Speaks, Curious George, Busytown Mysteries, Angelina Ballerina movies (modern ones), Wonder Pets, Leap Frog movies, and The Backyardigans. I am also sad to report that my older kids got Little Miss interested in Sponge Bob! I already did my time with Sponge Bob when they were young! At least she isn't into Barney!

Quiana said...

Oh my! I had to do a double take to see if this was real. LOL! We find old Disney streaming movies on You Tube (Nia's currently obsessed with Snow White and Bambi) and free streaming sites (no downloading!). It's great! DH's years of playing ball overseas has made him very adept in finding pretty much any movie we want to watch.

Anonymous said...

I've heard about a few of these movies. We even saw Puss in Boots (the knock off) and that one I do not recommend (bad voices).

Other than that, these are great alternatives to the real things, at least until Disney and Netflix gets their act together.

Mindy said...

My boyfriend and I LOVE Oscar's Oasis!! It's such a cute and funny show. We're in our 30's and don't have kids yet, but we still get a kick out of this cartoon! :)

Unknown said...

I completely agree about the knock off Puss in Boots, it's really bad. My kids do like Oscar's Oasis, it's funny. My kids also found a Disney cartoon called Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil. I wasn't too thrilled about the title but it is pretty funny and there are lessons learned.

Kim said...

I've noticed this about Netflix. I always want to put a family movie on but they have a very limited (familiar) selection.

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