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What Bloggers Are Saying About No More Rack

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello, my name is Teresha and I am addicted to online shopping. It's so habit-forming and those daily deal sites are line drug-pushers. They hook you with deep discounts and sales and, before you know it, you are buying a new handbag everyday. 

I am clearly writing with my tongue in my cheek here. I am not addicted to online shopping nor do I think daily deal sites are like drug dealers. I subscribe to several daily shopping deal sites because the sales are so amazing and sometimes irresistible. I like shopping from the comfort of my own home and I like scoring a great deal. 

If you've ever coveted an item that was too expensive and then discovered it for half off or more on a daily deal site, then you've experienced a shopper's high (being facetious, again). Blogger Cheryl Beckham describes the how she found a pair of winter boots for her daughter's birthday at nomoreack.com for 63% off the retail price. All Arkie Armey likens NoMoreRack as having Black Friday sales all year long. I second that emotion. 



Mrs. Pancakes said...

I don't use the daily deal sites just because if I follow it...I will always want to buy something!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know about this site. I'm going to be following it now. I love shopping online. No kid to pull me away, no crying, and I can always come back and finish when I'm ready. Not to mention, no lines! Thanks for sharing this site.

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